Tashi King on Breast Cancer, Health Care. {Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis}

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on Mar 26, 2013
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My Thanksgiving Friend.

Growing up in Boulder, my mom and I spent many a Thanksgiving with our dear friends Elizabeth, and her son Amani and daughter Tashi. Tashi was about my age, so we played together often. She was so sweet, and beautiful, and kind, and fun. She still is.

But she’s had some hard knocks. Her daughter suffered a rare disease, and passed away a few years ago. Still, she was the most beautiful, good person—and awhile back she met another beautiful, good person—Bryan. These two are the best of the human race—always kind and beautiful in and out, peaceful, generous. Though I’ve been too selfishly busy to ever spend time with Tashi since we were children, I see her now and again and am always happy when I do. Bryan, too.

Tashi is the symbol of America–peace-loving, brilliant and beautiful in and out, vulnerable but bright and brave. She’s already been through more challenges than anyone I know, just Laine’s story read below….and yet she soldiers on with her life.


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    Is the second part of this interview posted? (I can't find it!)

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