The Best of SXSW.

Via Tiffanie DeBartolo
on Mar 29, 2013
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SXSW, Synchronicity and Rick Springfield.

The entire Bright Antenna team trekked to Austin for South by Southwest—via plane and not van, thankfully—and spent a whirlwind three days supporting our bands, who all had a number of shows scheduled. We were so busy with our Day Party and Official Showcase that we barely had a chance to catch any of the other great artists that were playing the conference. Not that it mattered. If SXSW teaches you anything, it is to let go of your plans and expectations. You’ll inevitably miss most of what you planned to see, and getting frustrated is useless. The Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying,

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.”

If you have trouble practicing this then head to SXSW. You will have no choice in the matter and, who knows, you just might run into Rick Springfield, as two Bright Antenna-ites did after being turned away from over-crowded shows. That’s Cielle on the left and Kaitlin on the right, creating the bread for this Rick Springfield sandwich.


This week’s playlist is a little ode to all the awesome bands we missed. Though I have to admit that seeing the crowd’s reactions to our bands was well worth the sacrifice. But, well, we still missed Prince…

The last SXSW band packed up its guitars and amps over a week ago, but let’s be honest: it takes some time to recuperate from a raucous weekend of beer, BBQ, and blaring music at every turn.

Just in time for a much needed restorative yoga class, here’s our playlist of the Best of SXSW.

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