Things to Do While Popeless.

Via Rolly Montpellier
on Mar 7, 2013
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Source: via Barbara on Pinterest

According to the Vatican, there are 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world.

I guess I’m one of those if the Vatican statistician includes the millions, like me, who have abandoned an outdated and archaic institution. For many, the Catholic church has become irrelevant and often the object of ridicule.

So what should Catholics do while they are Popeless and leaderless, much like they were before Pope Benedict quit his job?

This “infographic” offers a series of suggestions for Catholics until white smoke spews out of the Sistine chapel, indicating that a new Pope has been chosen. I just can’t wait.

While Catholics wait for the pope



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4 Responses to “Things to Do While Popeless.”

  1. Sharon says:

    Loved this as I have personally been Popeless since my early twenties when I realized the last thing on your list: he had no impact on my life at all! So thanks for putting it in writing! Very funny, very true.

  2. I'm quite pleased that you found the post entertaining. That was the intention. I've gotten some negative comments in a Facebook group from right wing sources but I expected that.

    I like what you said about being Popeless since your early twenties. For me the popelessness occurred in my late thirties.

  3. Brian Smith says:

    What I love is the 1.2 billion statistic – which is probably inflated – so why 1/6th of the entire world population have so much influence over what science can do 🙁

    Great article though 😀

  4. The 1.2 billion may definitely be inflated. This is a number given out by the Vatican. When was the last time you trusted the Vatican to be truthful?