April 1, 2013

Apple Announces the iPad Micro Mini. {April Fools’ edition} ~ Lacy Rae Ramunno

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Apple added a new member to its iPad line, slated to arrive at the beginning of April, offering a 4.7-inch Retina iPad and 300 gigabytes of storage, with 27 hours of battery life.

Apple is confident that this device will provide users with nearly everything of its non-mini counterpart only in a smaller package. Apple believes that the iPad Micro Mini bridges the gap between the iPhones and full-sized iPads by making it easier to browse through e-mail, photos, music and videos.

The iPad Micro Mini offers nearly all of the features and capabilities of its full size siblings and runs all the same apps. To account for the added storage space, the 300 GB Wi-Fi model will cost $899, while the LTE model will cost $1029.

Everything else about Apple’s tablet is the same, including the dual-core A6X processor and 2 gigabtyes of RAM. The iPad Micro Mini gives you most of an iPad at a quarter of the size and will be available to consumers on Monday morning.

When the iPad was released, consumers referred to the device as “just a big iPod touch.”

More and more users fell in love with the convenience offered by the device—the iPad turned out to surpass their expectations, as it was more capable, more convenient and basically more everything.

In November of last year, with the release of the iPad mini, critics called the iPad Mini “just a smaller iPad.”

Notice the pattern?

Apple speculates that consumers will respond similarly to the iPad Micro Mini at first, but will soon develop a relationship with the latest model.

Apple is targeting the new model primarily at professional users, focusing on those in the architectural and medical fields who handle large files.

Gamers, magazine readers, bloggers and Facebook fiends are most likely to appreciate the additional storage space on the latest device.



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