April 19, 2013

Coping with the Boston Images—Amy Poehler’s Much Needed & Most Brilliant Response. {Video}

“I wonder if we could soften our hearts and minds and our eyes. I wonder if we could give our eyes a break.” ~ Amy Poehler

In the last few days, it seems we have all been bombarded to the point of a near overload as media images and videos from around the web make their most graphic visit in our day.

I have kept mostly silent as I let my own heart find its way through and towards healing.

Tragedy is a hard beast to navigate. It forces its way most unexpectedly into our world—kicking up such big emotions in its wake. It offers no apology for its intrusion or upset, as it begins to monopolize the moments in our day.

And as we try our best to make our way back to ‘center’—tragedy is there, and staring back at us from beyond our computer screens.

Tragedy is the visitor, refusing to leave. It mocks us, and leaves us in fear.

And, as we find our way through in this great search for ‘why’—inevitably, we begin to assign blame.

Finding blame is often much easier than facing our own biggest fears—that, in the aftermath of all of this crisis and tragedy, will stand only a most shell shocked version of our own former selves.

Over these past few days, I have done my very best to send out messages of compassion and tolerance to this world–in a hope that love will rise up in the end.

Perhaps, though, I am a bit old fashioned in my means—in that I believe, through love, we will always find our way.

In this most beautiful video, “Parks and Recreation” comedian, Amy Poehler responds to a 16-year old girl’s question regarding the inundation of these types of images on the internet. Her words speak so brilliantly to finding balance—and holding true to our own ‘inner centeredness.’

“Maybe try to see things in a different way—try to see things by reading about them or talking about them or listening.” – Amy Poehler

So, how do we respond to these most horrific events—as always, with mindfulness and balance.

Thank you, Amy Poehler—message received, and…we love you, too.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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