Date a Girl Who Practices Hot Yoga.


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Some more inspiration from Rosemarie Urquico’s “A Girl you should Date”


Date a girl who practices Hot Yoga.

Date a girl who spends money on electrolytes instead of lattes. Who has problems with closet space, not because she has too many clothes or things even, but because she’s jammed everything out of sight so she can have a proper space to meditate. Date a girl who is comfortable in silence, who knows when to flex her toes and when to let them go, who believes in building forts and sitting in them.

Find a girl who practices Hot Yoga. You’ll know she does because she’ll arrive to the party 15 minutes early. She’s the one in Mountain Pose wearing something really tight or really flowy, the one without a drink in her hand. Not because she doesn’t drink, but because she spent four hours in the hot room and is concerned about her state of hydration. You’ll thinks she’s drunk because she’s laughing loudly and making gestures, but really it’s because she’s comfortable releasing on sound and moving. She’ll come alone and leave alone and no one will wonder why she is alone because you’ve never seen a woman walk out the door with such a tall spine.

She’s the girl at the Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market. You’ll notice her over by the peaches. You’ll notice her and you won’t know why but it’s because she’s breathing from her pelvic floor. You won’t know what a pelvic floor is but you’ll talk to her and feel really good because being beside her helps you breathe too.

Date a girl who has an imagination. Who believes in animals and pretending to be them. Who is a Rabbit, a Camel, a Hero or Half a Moon.

Who pretends to be a tree because she knows you have to be anchored down to be free anywhere else. Who is comfortable tying a string to her heart and pulling it upwards.

Buy her a block or a strap or a bolster. Better yet, a bean-filled eye bag. She’ll already have one, but any experienced yogi knows that props mean support and the more support the better.

Sometimes when she’s doing the balancing series she strains her neck and compresses her low back on purpose. She likes to think she can do it all herself, even though she would never admit it. The next time she’s in Dancers, push her over and pretend it was an accident. Let her go and tell her she’s graceful even when she’s falling.

It’s easy to date a girl who practices Hot Yoga. Tell her a story from Hindu Mythology, like the story of the great goddess Lakshmi. If you’re intimidated by this, tell her any old story. Tell it to her while she’s lying on her back. Then leave the room and dim the lights. Even if she doesn’t get it just say Namaste after and the outer edges of her lips will curl up.

Watch her. Upon first glance it may appear as though she’s checking herself out in the mirror, but really she’s practicing her drishti. And if you look really closely you will see her eyes are like fire because she knows the difference between looking and seeing. Either that or she’s trying to practice her drishti but it’s difficult to stay still especially during the time of month when her blood rages.

Why be afraid of everything that you are not? Girls who practice yoga understand that people are like animals. And the more you pretend to be them, the better person you will be.

If you find a girl who practices hot yoga, keep her close. And when you find her sprawled across the bedroom floor in a tantrum, look closely, because she’s actually in Pigeon.

When you ask her what she’s doing, she’ll tell you she’s letting go of all her ex-boyfriends. Don’t take it personally because what it really means is she’s making more space for you. Breathe in, then let it go on an exhale because if she’s taught you anything it’s been that what matters most is what you let in, not what you let go of.

When you propose, do it in the hot room. Kneel down on your mat, but put down a towel first. She’ll say yes by kneeling down beside you. Place her hand in yours but keep it relaxed. Tell her you’ll hold her for all the days of her life, but with an open palm. If she doesn’t believe you, press your thumb on that place in-between her eyebrows. Tell her to look from that place and she’ll turn fire into water.

She’ll try and go into headstand because she’s so happy but invite her to stay just how she is. Meet her gaze and place one hand on her belly and keep it there until it becomes like the belly she was born with.

You’ll look at her with her skin all wet and you’ll wonder how you’ve fallen so hard for a lady with a sweaty face. You will write the story of your lives, have kids with strange names and even stranger tastes. She will teach your children the difference between Chatarunga and Modified Chatarunga, when to lower your knees and when to keep them lifted. That every inhale is an opportunity to take in what you need, and every exhale, an invitation to let go.

Because a girl who practices Hot Yoga knows that things don’t stay one way forever.

That life is meant to strengthen and stretch and moments are meant to be lived fully, let go of, fully.



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Ed: Kate Bartolotta



The Elephant Ecosystem

Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Learn more.

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Sarah Brose

Sarah Brose is a Yoga Teacher and Theatre artist who is interested in exploring the links between Yoga and Art. She believes Yoga and Mindfulness create the space and stillness required to cultivate the greatest amounts of strength, softness, courage and compassion. It is within this space that we come up with the most creative solutions to all of life’s problems. She enjoys writing and sharing words from this place. You can read more here.


50 Responses to “Date a Girl Who Practices Hot Yoga.”

  1. Lauren says:

    Most of these are true for practitioners of other yogas, too

    • reader yogi says:

      I agree with you. Yoga should not be generating competition anywhere but within yourself. There are many types of yoga, and it’s great to find one that resonates with you, but we shouldn’t be creating divides in the yoga world. Focus on connecting rather than separating, I say.

  2. Sarah says:

    i love this!

  3. Jeneen says:


  4. Madeline says:

    Oh my goodness. I absolutely loved this piece. You certainly are an example of someone living fully and letting go. What an example you are to many young and old people. You are a very strong woman who will bring strength to anyone who has had any kind of contact with you – in person or simply in your writing.

    I think this can apply to yoga or any other teaching we are passionate about that fulfills us spiritually and physically.

    Thanks again for such an honest and revealing piece full of detail and imagery.

  5. elisa says:

    Yay !! I love reading things that just make me smile. and then smile again.

  6. Magu Bee says:

    Such a funny-true read, thanks!

  7. I dated a girl who practiced hot yoga and she turned out to be a lunatic. Your advice is not sound.

  8. Jay says:

    Or if dating a girl who practices hot yoga is not even an option (as it's not for an old married man), then fill your life with beautiful yoginis (& yogis) who practice hot yoga (& ashtanga!) to live the dream! Thanks for insightful article. Peace…

  9. MissMacabre88 says:

    Hot yoga isn't for everyone though. It has it's dangers, studies have shown. Hot yoga is just another trend in fitness, like Pilates was, like Tae-Bo was. This person should have generalized more and titled their article, "Date Someone Who Stays Active Regularly and Takes Care of Their Self… And Maybe just MAYBE Sometimes Enjoys a Latte, Because it's Not a Crime." I'm starting to get sick of the whole superiority complex that "Hot Yogis" passively shed on people who don't practice hot yoga.

    • Marissa says:

      Actually lately I've seen many articles on the reverse, which attack hot yoga. Can't everyone just get along?

    • mysterylover says:

      The world needs a little less poison.

      Of course enjoy a latte every once in awhile. Or every day if that's your jam. I don't think dissing lattes was the author's intent ;). As far as hot yoga seeing itself as superior… I'm sure there are hot yoga practitioners who see themselves as superior, as is true in ANY type of yoga, or sport, or profession, or hobby. Let the people do what the people love. For those who see themselves as superior (separate from other human beings), they'll learn their lesson one day. Or they won't. They need our love the most.

  10. p2bkk says:

    Ashtanga girls are even better and tend not to take themselves too seriously….

    • Marissa says:

      Was this a necessary comment? I mean, would you expect a hot yoga practitioner to make the same comment if the title were "Date a girl who practices Ashtanga?"

  11. Tara says:

    This is by far the dumbest article that I have ever read. Seriously? Propose to her in the hot room? Gee, how romantic.

  12. Guest says:

    Is this fake or brilliant satire?

  13. Robyn says:

    This is so sweet! Rather odd that people can take exception to it …

  14. Quadlibet says:


  15. ted grand says:

    You are so awesome, Sarah. Love you!

  16. Clytemnestra says:

    This post is ridiculously heteronormative (not to mention dumb). What makes hot yoga so special?

  17. BigSkyMind says:

    This is one of the sexiest things I have read in a while. Pay no attention to the naysayers who find it easier to nitpick and criticize than to actually read the words and far more importantly, read through and beyond the words. For me, this was a fantastically written, intoxicating piece of prose poetry that makes me want to go out and find me a hot yoga practitioner to date now! 😉 Nicely done!

    • Madeline says:

      Very well said. I agree with you whole heartedly.
      It is nice however to read the many different opinions ,comments and various insights into this piece. Positive and negative.
      It is good to stir the pot and get people thinking and sharing their ideas and opinions.
      Reading between the lines is what this is all about – not just "hot yoga".
      i hope we get a chance to read more of her work.

  18. Deanna says:

    Lovely. I’m sending this to all my suitors, haha.

  19. lisa says:

    i found the article cute…and yes, it applies to ANYone who actually LIVES their yoga practice…not just in a yoga class on a yoga mat.

    As for applying these things only to the hot yoga practitioner, when i was a dedicated hot yoga teacher and practitioner I would have probably only been able to write from the perspective of this author too…

    However, healthy relationships also apply to someone truly PRACTICING the principles of yoga BEYOND the physical asana practice…whether the yoga one practices is hot or not. Personally, i only taught and practiced hot yoga for about 8 yrs and now LOVE doing NOT-HOT yoga…yes, hot yoga is NOT for everyone…and when WE change, our BODIES change…our NEEDS change…and being a yogini opened my mind enough to learn to LISTEN to my body and honor myself by getting OUT of the hot room!

    I have to keep myself in check…am I merely "doing" yoga…or am I BEING yoga? Doing poses are awesome….I love it…my "hot yoga" comes from internally generated heat these days in power classes (which i mix up with other classes as well)…but if I'm just DOING yoga and leaving the yoga room or my home studio and being an asshole, well, then I'm not living my yoga nor am I a fun gal to date either…

  20. Carly says:

    So incredibly cool! Love x

  21. Allan says:

    I will heed the words in this article. She has much to teach me.

  22. Jess says:

    Jesus wept… What a wank!

  23. Maudy says:

    Can anyone shine some light on Jess's comment "Jesus wept…. What a wank! This went way over my head.


  24. Alicia says:

    Just sayin' –
    any female over 18 is a woman, not a girl.

    • Just Sayin...ktown says:

      What does that have to do with the writing and what the author is expressing?

      This "Girl" is quite the woman. I see it as a play on words.

      Just sayin ..

  25. freddie says:

    It sounds to me like she wants a date but isn’t having much luck at finding one and I hate to burst her bubble but the chances of somebody magically proposing to her in the hot yoga room is imaginative at best. I would suggest she ventures out to a place where she may actually meet a date and then work on the hot bedroom, much more satisfying for all parties concerned.

  26. hazel says:

    I agree with Jesse it is rather self congratulatory.

  27. pacha says:

    "Date a Boy Who Practices Hot Yoga" – How does this sound? Wonder if the article would have been published using this language to describe males over 18? Show some respect Elephant.

  28. Jenny says:

    I just started doing bikram two weeks ago, and yes!! I love this!

  29. sabine says:

    awww….thanks, that was sweet! I often feel alone in my limited world of yoga friends but your article helped close the gap a bit (maybe I'm not so strange after all????).


  30. Jaime says:

    I don't know if this was the intention, but I found this article hilarious. Love yoga!

  31. MTD says:

    How about dating a woman who practices in a moderate room: It likely indicates she has found her way to the Middle Path.

  32. Laura says:

    Love the, "put her hand in yours, and tell her you will hold her for all the days of her life, but with an open palm". That is love.
    Truly a beautiful piece, thank you!

  33. tania says:

    I say date a woman who drinks cocktails!!!
    Way more fun than spirulina drinks!

  34. Lankyogi says:

    this takes my breath away, melts my heart, resonates with me so very much. much love <3

  35. John says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful article. namaste.

  36. dolcevita10 says:

    Hilarious and so right on! Made me feel good 😉 Thanks!

  37. says:

    Love this! I am the girl who does yoga and I think my relationship thrives because of it. I am fortunate that he shares in the practice and has also found his own disciplines that he gravitates towards. I take this further than my relationship. I find some of my best friendships are developing from people I am meeting through the yogic lifestyle. But perhaps, the best relationship of all is the one I am having with myself. Letting it go to let the right stuff in.

    Beautifully and cleverly written.


  38. Bend83 says:

    The worst are the single girls with a kid or two that think they are some actualized yogi…cartoonish tattoos, pink hair, career ambitions are coffee cart or bar tending jobs, baseball hat wearing and seem to know every single dude they walk by. Clean your cooter Bend Oregon girls, I can smell you from here

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