8 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in the World Happy Earth Day.

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Even a drip of water on a canyon wall eventually causes great change in the structure of that canyon over time, so let me remind you of this:

We’re all little drips in the scheme of our planet.


In the face of storms, earthquakes and fires, it seems that all hell has broken loose.  We feel out of control and helpless; yet it’s important to remember that the little things we do, can make a big difference.

How can we make a difference in our future?

Here are eight small ways to make a big difference in the world:

1. It may seem obvious to some; but ditching your car for the bus, train, car pool or bike not only reduces emissions and the need for ga$oline, it also contributes to cardiovascular and brain health.

Riding a bike is obviously a good choice for your cardiovascular system; but I’m betting you didn’t realize interactions with strangers as well as car pool friends stimulates a part of the brain that would otherwise lie dormant on a solo drive.  Might as well show up to work stimulated right?

2. Buy local products whenever possible.  Shopping for local produce, honey, and other food sources not only reduces the fuel cost associated with out of state food transport, it supports the local economy.


3. In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 20 years, it’s time to ditch garden poisons in favor of organic and sweat labor solutions.  Products such as Round- up and others have been proven to cause major health problems, not to mention the sterilization of our seeds and killing of our bees. Buy heirloom seeds, plant bee friendly gardens and refuse to support major chain stores that offer poisons over organic solutions.

photo by Simon Howden freedigitalphotos. net
photo by Simon Howden freedigitalphotos. net


No bees, no pollination.. No pollination, no food.  Is your golf course green lawn really worth the risk? Consider throwing out some wild flower seeds or really freak your neighbors out by planting a front yard garden.

I think you get the picture but in case you don’t, here is an excerpt from a great blog on the risk of Weed killers.

Originally posted on RedGreenandBlue.org on 5/4/09

Monsanto, the company that brought you saccharine, aspartame, herbicides 2,4,5-T, DDT, Agent Orange, a variety of plastics including polystyrene, synthetic fibers, bovine growth hormone (BST, rBGH), PCBs, nuclear weapons, the potentially carcinogenic RoundUp, a variety of maize that may cause liver and kidney toxicity, lawsuits against small farmers who do not want to use their products, a myriad of environmental disasters, and genetically modified crops that are introduced into our food system without proper labelling or proper testing for safety–

4. Ditch re buying new items and their containers over and over again and buy bulk.  You’ll have less packaging, cheaper prices, and the bonus of those big Ball Jars looking fabulous on your pantry shelf.

5. Stop wasting time standing in cafeteria and fast food lines and pack your lunch and your water for work instead.  You’ll save money and save yourself from throwing away all of the packaging that comes with lunch “to go”.

There is a pile of plastic in the middle of our ocean larger than the state of Texas.  Think about that the next time you slip a quick dollar on the counter for a water bottle.

photo by M-Pics  freedigitalphotos .net
photo by M-Pics freedigitalphotos .net


6. Put your $ where your heart is~ Invest in green companies and hold your favorite brand names to a new level of responsibility.  Don’t support big corporations with your hard earned money if they treat our planet with disrespect.  I bet you didn’t know Miracle Grow is linked with Monsanto Technology LLC did you?

More like miracle Nightmare in my opinion.

by Simon Howden freedigitalphotos .net
by Simon Howden freedigitalphotos .net


7. Quit poisoning your own body, and then your water supply, with toxic chemicals that soak into your skin and down the drain.  Use Eco friendly body care products such as Pangea, natural cosmetics like Ecco Bella, and organic coconut or Shea butters from your natural grocery store.  Almond, olive, coconut and sesame oils work wonders on skin without the harsh chemical hangover to your liver.

8. Drink clean healthy water.  Science has proven this fact: Intention changes the actual structure of water.  Bless your water by thanking it.  Curious?  Here’s a great link on this subject.

*Bonus. Heal yourself of your old wounds, patterning and negativity.  Who we are in this world affects others, and when we clear ourselves of our own dysfunction, we’re able to hold more light and more love in our hearts for the healing of the whole world.

by Digitalart freedigitalphotos .net
by Digitalart freedigitalphotos .net

by Tamara Star


(All images originated on linked sites except canyon by travelblog.org).

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18 Responses to “8 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in the World Happy Earth Day.”

  1. Jenna says:

    Loved this article. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. JasB says:

    really interesting article – I really did get a lot out of it! – but Wikipedia, while a great personal, quickie-search source, is not considered a reliable source since anyone can change it any time basically. It's a million times better to go directly to e.g. the Center for Food Safety and get a good quote or good info there

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  4. Ryan Kelley says:

    Tamara! You are so awesome!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this. Most of the ways you mention are easy and inexpensive changes for most of to make, and as you say, they WILL make a difference. Please keep up the good work!

  6. […] companies producing eco-friendly dog clothes are popping up left and right. As they should. If we’re going to be conscious […]

  7. Jill Barth says:

    I posted this to the elephant green Facebook page and @mindfulgreen on Twitter.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jill Barth, editor elephant green.
    Join us! Like elephant green on Facebook.
    Follow on @mindfulgreen on Twitter.

  8. veganbeaner says:

    I would add go vegetarian or vegan 🙂 We all know the impact of meat consumption on the ecosystem. Just as an example: 2,500 gallons of water are needed per pound of meat.

  9. Did not know that about Miracle Gro. I won't buy it again. Thank you.

  10. Dave says:

    Great article! I think it is very important to buy whole foods from local markets (and not from the so-called whole foods mega-conglomerates) because the food is indeed locally sourced and generally stays in the local economy.

    I may be really going off the deep end here, but instead of buying overpriced natural soaps, it is very easy if you have the time to make your own soaps and save even more money (and your local sewer and water system). There are tons of recipies, and they can be batched as small as you like.

  11. Jill says:

    Failure to mention pursuit of a veg-friendly diet represents a gross oversight or egregious omission in a list of small ways to make a big difference in the world on Earth Day. And being vegan does not = eating soy. I am a soy-free vegan. I can only guess the writer eats meat. Ultimately it is simply not sustainable for the bulk of the planet to continue to eat meat, and I don't think that soaking our earth in the blood of sentient beings is all that "green" either. Eating more plant-based foods has a stronger impact than anything else on this otherwise good list.

  12. David says:

    We locally source as much of our food as possible although this is not always easy. In addition my kids and I always either walk or cycle to school even in the bad weather – it's great that they realise the importance of being at ease with nature from an early age. Teach you children and they will teach theirs.

  13. Marisa says:

    Beautiful post. thanks for the effort. I will definitely try to include that in my next program

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