This woman wants to avoid Monsanto, but can’t afford to eat organic. What should she do?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 11, 2013
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This question—voicing a real concern that thousands of caring citizens everywhere share—came in last night, in response to my blog: Monsanto: the most Evil Company in the Universe. {Here’s Why}

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I am a low wage earner, and as much as I would love to avoid these products, they are the only things within my price range. I want to be able to grow my own organic garden, but it is difficult, working the hours I do.

Farmer’s markets are nice when in season, but it isn’t always the case. Coupled with the lack of organic stores (we have one independent store, whole foods, and if you’re lenient, Trader Joe’s), and their locations relative to mine, it is fiscally irresponsible of me to buy in. So, what does someone like me do?

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Amazing question. Thank you. You’re not alone:

First of all, I’d love to hear more about what you do—the person asking such a great question must have some strategies?

Second of all, you can pick your battles: if we can only afford to buy some organics, these are key: Here’s another such list:

grocery funny labeling organic Third of all, right on. Twice in the last 10 years (for an extended period of years, both times) I was reduced to an income smaller than my expenses, and lived off day old muffins and such. I found the bulk aisle was my friend, in terms of getting quality food for less. And as you say farmers markets, when they’re closing, will sell stuff at a fraction of their price (including tax!)…though again if it’s not organic, farmers may be using Monsanto/GMOs.

Here’s the blog that’s written for your question:

Hope that helps? Let me know your thoughts? ~ Waylon

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One Response to “This woman wants to avoid Monsanto, but can’t afford to eat organic. What should she do?”

  1. drew says:

    just because a food isn't organic doesn't automatically mean it has been GMO'd. there are a very limited number of crops that have been GMO'd. corn, soy, cotton (and cottonseed is used in margarine and cooking oils), alfalfa (which is fed to dairy cows and chickens), papaya, canola, and sugar beets. there is a GMO'd wheat, but it is not available commercially in the US at this time.
    so, you can avoid GMO foods and not have to buy everything organic. they are separate issues. monsanto GMO's extremely large commercial crops that are going to be used for processed foods. its not going after the majority of smaller crops. theyre still evil, im just saying that if you avoid eating processed foods, then you effectively avoid all the GMO'd staples automatically. and that is REALLY easy to do. going organic when youre broke? thats another issue altogether…