April 18, 2013

What to do if you catch someone reading the Quran on your flight.

Don’t do this.

Do as this stewardess did:

“Ex-flight attendant here, day of the attempted shoe bombing a few years ago in London I was working in Chicago where flights had only just resumed. A lady in 1st class was steated next to a man reading a quran and dressed in traditional clothing. Just as we were about to do our safety announcement she gets up, walks down the aisle and taps me on the shoulder. She whispers to me ” We need to go back, the man next to me is reading from one of those books and how are we to know what it says?!?”. Took me a minute to realize who she was referring to, and asked to have the plane taken back to the gate. She refused to reurn to her seat and choose to sit in economy until we removed the passenger she was referring to. Once we got back she was slightly surprised to find that I had organized for her (and not the man she was complaining about) to catch another flight later that day after she had calmed down. Meanwhile back on the aircraft another passenger in 1st class had asked to switch seats and be moved next to the man in question and proceeded to spark conversation in order to make him feel less embarassed for the unwarranted event. I cannot speak for what occured in Boston but I want people to know that this kind of thing happens more than you may think.

Moral of the Story: Woman wanted a muslim man removed from our flight, so we removed her. Simple as that.

Via Reddit. For discussion (often funny), go to the conversation.

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TALAL ITANI Jun 8, 2013 4:50pm

Ask them translate the Quran for you.

Chad Apr 19, 2013 11:41am

Thomas, please take your own advice. You could read the Bible as a book of hate as well. These books have gone through so many changes and revisions through the generations it is hard to discern their original message, but it is still there. What the big 3 have in common, at their core, is compassion. The problems don't come from the books themselves but from how the books are interpreted, which has fluctuated dramatically for all three of the Abrahamic faiths. Have a read of Karen Armstrong's "A History of God". She does an excellent job of tracing the early development of the 3 big monotheistic religions. .

Laodah Apr 19, 2013 11:32am

Can somebody find another plane for Thomas to ride?

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