May 7, 2013

How to Save the Ocean: An Interview with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. ~ Annabel Ruffell {Video}

Dr. Wallace J Nichols is a scientist, activist, author and dad.

He is passionate about sea turtle conservation and has made it a life goal to help put one billion baby sea turtles in the ocean. He has set out with his Blue Marbles Project to reconnect us to our water planet and pass a blue marble through every person’s hand on earth, with a simple message of gratitude along with it.

As he says:

“Live like you love the Ocean.”

Watch the interview to hear more about his inspiring project:


Annabel Ruffell is the CEO/Producer of Journey for Earth. A socially conscious media company and web series sharing the personal journeys of inspiring individuals. She is also an artist, blogger and single parent. She began Journey for Earth in January 2012 and to date has interviewed many wonderful and inspiring people: founders of environmental, animal, people organizations, parents and inspiring public figures too. The intention with these interviews is to educate and inspire people of all ages to make a positive difference in the world around them. She feels that there is much to be gained by asking oneself the question: What can I do to make a difference, to be better, stronger, more focused, committed to myself, my community, and my world? She was honored to be invited to give a TEDx Change talk in 2012  and has also been featured in ORIGIN magazine,a national publication.


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Read 15 comments and reply

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