May 20, 2013

Mindful Musings of a Mom. ~ Olivia Zino {Poem}

A bright spring day
Eyes fall on fresh new flowers, born of April and May
Colorful, bright and cheerful, bouncing like the happy rubber ball,
released from the child’s jubilant chubby hands
Soft, warm, grasping, small
Laughter bubbles up into the air around the old trees
Standing proud and tall
Mirroring mother below

Smiling and nodding along
Her child’s giggle a happy song
Soothes her soul, makes worth of the drudgery
Her own hands, older, dry, busy
Taming hair, preparing meals, wiping away the dirty

On a journey far from days past
Abroad from the mind
Once and yet still sharp and fast
A girl once, a scholar, a woman carving out dreams and career
Surrounded by friends, plans and events
Now singular and solitary plus two
Surroundings new
Complete change of internal view

Sounds of heel clicks and insightful musing replaced by
pitter patter, playground perusing
Simple conversation
Though knowing more
New Occupation
Their growth, her allure
Interpreter to child, making sense of the confusing
The world to them, big, new, scary and amazing

Gratitude for these waning moments as her eyes are grazing
She sets them, tired yet content upon her young
These years, soon to be a memory neatly packaged into a single bundle
As they once were years ago, small, sweet bundles of pink
4 and 5 years past in a wink
Almost a blur

A myriad of smiles, tears, growth, sputtering and thriving
Miracle of surviving
As a mother and woman she seeks no less than the strength of the tree trunk she now leans on
No less than the dedication of the ever illuminating sun
No less than the pure joy of her littles at her feet
Will shed 100 tears for 1 smile
Will walk 100 miles
to bring her child
forward one yard
So they feel its easy, she will do what’s hard

This moment almost past, she watches the sun pick up the color in their bright eyes
She feels the joy in their deep satisfied sighs
A tear of tenderness forms
The year on the horizon holding promises of new chapters,
Old clay, reformed in new ways
Milestones up ahead, a return to scenes from her younger days
Same roles, same shoes, different soul
Moment engraved in memory as she runs after bouncing ball


Olivia Zino has turned an eclectic mix of her BA in Communications, MS in Education and single motherhood of bouncing off the wall Irish Twins ( born 10 1/2 months apart) into becoming an avid consumer of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. As a writer, she has created an assortment of theoretical pixie sticks, glamour, glitz and wittiness, sitting, thinking, drinking in humanity, freely producing reflective poetry and musings on the absurdly obvious, yet deeply hidden gems of life, motherhood and child development.





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Assistant Ed: Paula Carrasquillo/Ed: Bryonie Wise

Source: wallpaperpassion.com via Wallpaper on Pinterest


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Read 2 comments and reply

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