Repercussions: Our Kids Growing Up on Electronics. {Infographic}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on May 9, 2013
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Source: via Yisroel on Pinterest

My husband and I aren’t perfect parents.

But we have strict—some would say abusive—limits on screen time.

Thirty minutes a day if all chores and homework are complete. Weekend days, our son (now 12) is allowed up to an hour and family TV/movie time doesn’t count but isn’t excessive (the proof is in my hours you see me on facebook and twitter… looks like I need my own limits!). End of story.

Okay, I’ll admit to the occasional moment of weakness, caving in to extra Minecraft minutes.

Time taken away from electronics is our number one discipline tool. Funny story on that another time.

My son wanted a wii, he paid for it with money he saved up. Same with the iPad, although we kicked in half the cost of the apple care warranty. Games? His own money. Where’s he getting this kind of cash? Three dollars a week allowance, the occasional odd job in the neighborhood, birthday/Christmas money from family and a large dose of patience.

So what about those kids who get to spend loads of time on screens?

This infographic from the Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves campaign tells the story.

Repercussions of Growing Up on Screens Infographic
Infographic authored by BALANCE for Heal Our World Heal Ourselves, a campaign for more uplifting Children’s Entertainment. To view the original post, see the original Growing Up On Screens infographic.

How do you handle your kids’ screen time?

Would love to hear from you!

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