Urban Outfitters is a Commie-Loving Republican-owned USA Flag Desecrator, and So are We.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 24, 2013
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So if you know flag protocol you know the US flag shouldn’t be on clothing (or chairs, blankets) period. It should never touch the ground. The flag shouldn’t be left up at night without a light. It should face the right way. It’s a matter of respect for the fundamental and best values therein.

That said, I’m running the BolderBoulder, and I wanted to wear a bandana or tanktop or some such with the stars and stripes. It’s Memorial Day.usa american flag stars stripes memorial day july 4th

So I pop by Urban Outfitters, which is GOP-owned (you remember the GOP’s obsession with respecting the flag, flag-burning, in the 90s? Obsession by GOP). But whatever. So I find a perfect shirt and check to see where it’s made, figuring it’s Made in China, the bastards. No label up top, or on the price tags. I open it up and tucked on the inside is Made in China. The bastards. I expected it, so I let go and move on.

I find shorts, USA flag. Made in Philippines. I find a tank, Made in Honduras. I find another shirt, Made in Mexico. I’m cracking up, and not with happiness. I find a gorgeous bandana, perfect, Made in Vietnam. I find a few more items.

Why doesn’t the GOP get obsessed with making USA flags and paraphernalia in the US? Why don’t we all care about fair labor, or eco materials, or our morals and our dollars? Maybe we do.

So don’t just boycott: buycott: support only products that in some way, at the minimum, reflect who you are.


Happy ending: on the recommendation of a friend, I went to AA (I never shop, so forgot about ’em) and got a bunch of USA stuff…made in the good ol’USA, fair labor.



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11 Responses to “Urban Outfitters is a Commie-Loving Republican-owned USA Flag Desecrator, and So are We.”

  1. Jenn says:

    Sure, made in the USA, along with their misogynistic advertising… but, I get your point. Can't win 'em all.

  2. kimberlylowriter says:

    I wrote a piece for ej on the disposable clothing industry. AA is one of the better clothing companies out there, and the quality is good. I may not like all the advertising, but every major clothing company I can think of has used sex to sell clothing. In the end, I would rather buy from AA than the Gap, Urban Outfitters, or nearly any major clothing company which produces its goods in sweatshops.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Agree. Don't love some things about the owner, or some things about the advertising…but do love how they treat their employees, and their organics, and their style, and their Made in the USA. I feel that this is a case where we may not love the marketing or the owner but feel like at least their warts and all are visible, unlike products made in Bangladesh/Philipinnes/China. Like, say, Patagonia or TOMS, which everyone loves to love.

    All in all, like you, I'd prefer to support a perfect company, or one that is consistently moral. AA is closer.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Link it here? I'd love to reread.

  5. shanna says:

    What about Alternative Apparel: http://is.gd/hg59PB ? Blatant sexist and sleazy behavior isn't *better* because it's out in the open.
    AA employees *spill* on what it's like to work at AA: >> http://is.gd/shcEnW and AA *Anti-Uglies* policy: http://is.gd./xW1rdk
    But yeah, their rags are organic. Go team.

  6. kimberly lo says:

    There are a number of places to buy sweatshop free clothing. As far as reasonable prices go, AA is probably one of the better options.

    With that said, it is not a perfect company. Also, their stuff is not organic, but rather sweatshop free.

  7. elephantjournal says:

    True! That said, some of their stuff is organic, for sure–they've more or less been the first to offer blank organic cotton tees for printing by companies.

  8. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks, you!

  9. elephantjournal says:

    In response to someone hating "Commie-loving" and criticizing me for "loving" AA:

    Ashlee, it's tongue-in-cheek. I'm all for any form of government that tries to take care of its land and people and tries to avoid bloodshed.

    But, yes, making the US flag in a country that doesn't grant basic labor rights and is communist does seem like a contraction for a flag-waving GOP-owned chain.

    As for AA, I mentioned my reservations about them, which are obvious to anyone like yourself who is educated on the issues, so cheers on that. Please don't skip over my criticism in sharing yours—that's dishonest. ~ Waylon.
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  10. Richard Price says:

    speaking of dishonest: as a former journo, read: not blogger, why not put these "reservations" in the article rather than the comments and the lament your readers for "skipping over" something and calling this a moral company.