May 29, 2013

We Are the Maestros of Our Experience. ~ Jillian Locke

Photo: Kara Allyson

Now is the time.

A time of rebirth, restructurenot putting things back as they were, but creating something completely fresh. I have such rigid structures encapsulating my mind and heart, but there’s such fresh soil—untrammeled ground—for me to build upon now. This is a completely new ballgame, and although I’m taking all of my experiences with me, those experiences are simply meant to be reference points. My foundation may look one way today and completely shape shift tomorrow…and that’s a good thing.

I used to think of foundations as something unchangeable, something so solid that once you begin to form it, it is what it is. But that’s not true at all—we create our foundations out of life, out of our experiences; they’re not stagnant, concrete platforms, but ever-changing, ever-evolving stages from which we can conduct our greatest symphonies. We are the maestro’s of our experience. We create our existence through the strokes of our wands, the passing thoughts and inspirations of our hearts and of those influences around us. We are free to choose what we include in our symphony, just as we recognize when something is terribly out of tune.

The magic lies in fine-tuning your hymns until the melody sings to you.

We are the maestro’s of our experience. The world is our orchestra, and we get to pick the players. And although some may drift in and occupy a seat for a while, we must remember that the idea of permanence is an illusion, and those seats can always be changed. We create the illusion of limitations, and just as easily as we can become locked into one tune, or one note, no sooner can we create a completely new chord—a new chorus. And with that chorus comes an entirely new song; whether or not we’re ready and willing to hear that song is completely up to us.

Everyone walks to their own tune, whether it’s brazen or soft or scattered or ethereal—every tune is one, at its core. All of the music is the same, carrying some strand of similarity, synchronicity…it is us who discriminate, who pick apart, who criticize.

We can all be brutal critics. And sometimes a discerning eye or ear is called for, but what’s even more essential to a flowing harmony is allowance and acceptance. Allow for differences, even if we don’t understand them. Accept those differences and watch the slow, steady, gorgeous process of growth and evolution. Understand that the only walls, limits or barriers that we are faced with are truly man-made and humanly perceived, and that in the great, universal symphony, none of them really exist.

We are the maestro’s of our experience, and our symphonies are eternal. Create with diligence and abandon and love and brilliant radiance.


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