Lesbian Couple Marries in Front of the WBC. {The Most Beautiful Wedding Video Ever}

Via Tara Lemieux
on Jun 24, 2013
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I don’t generally post those things that pop in and out of my Facebook feed.

But something with this very much caught my attention. The message was simple, “Lesbian Couple Marries In Front Of The Westboro Baptist Church.” And though the church attempted repeatedly to ‘protest’—there was just too much love for anyone else to really notice.

As I watched their wedding video, I was immediately transfixed by a love that is most certainly self-evident. I can see it clearly in the way they look to one another, that gentle knowing of having finally made it through.

I have always believed this one thing—that love is the most special miracle of all.

And true love visits only those whose hearts are set wide to ‘open’—even when others might wish these hearts to break.

I am so uplifted by this simple brilliance of their love—and so blessed that they have chosen to share with us, their light.

I cried watching this because I think love should be shared with the entire world. And it breaks my heart when I see anything that might cause love’s course to be impacted.

May we all send good energy to Kimberly Kidwell and Katie Short—and many blessings upon their new life together.

Video: Kimberly Kidwell & Katie Short—Equality House Same Sex Wedding; Topeka, KS

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