June 2, 2013

Occupy Your Heart. ~ Kate Bartolotta & Bryonie Wise


And so day five unfolds; we started herecleared some shittried not to stab anyone with our horns, roamed wild and free and became the moon. We did our best to share from our hearts, with truth, our juicing journey along the way, and here we now, in this new place.

Kate will spend the day saying goodbye to her old home and dancing into the new; I will teach from this new place that I’ve found within.

And always, as Skype is our guide (our modern day tin cans on a string), we stayed connected and talked about our experience from yesterday.

Day Five for Bryonie went like this:

My heartbeat.

The sound of the cats purring; of Win dreaming, of my love making noises in his sleep.

The birds outside the window.

The wind whispering through the tops of the trees.

The sunshine peeking in the window.

I noticed these moments throughout the day—the subtle sounds, amplified in this new space my heart occupies.

I sauna’d and I steam’d and I soaked in great big baths and washed all that had risen to the surface, away.

This is my home—this body, mind, spirit—these rooms around me, even.

I dared my heart to strip down to it’s core, so I could peer inside, and there I found me (right where I knew I was, the whole time).

The amazing thing about life is that we get to choose what kind of life we have; we can choose to carry the boxes and bags of stuff around with us (and some of us do this for a very long time).

We also get to decide when to put them down.


Day Five for Kate went like this:

I met up with a friend at Whole Foods after giving a massage. I was feeling a bit scattered, ready to wrap up the juice cleanse—definitely ready for moving day.

Then as I headed home, windows open and the warm wind on my face, it hit me.

I have created exactly the life I want.

This doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and unicorns all day, every day.

What it means is that by striving to make authentic choices I have kept the things that fit and let go of the things that don’t. Spending five days on a juice cleanse felt like a good fit for a time of so many transitions. There were moments of it that were physically and emotionally uncomfortable, but it was what I needed.

It allowed me to further strip away anything that wasn’t serving me.

I believe when we consistently stay present and make our choices from the heart, we end up exactly where we need to be. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy; it means that the end result is worth it. It’s taken me nearly six months to find the house I’m moving to today. It took a lot of saying “no” to places and opportunities that I knew didn’t really fit. It’s a simplistic example, but an accurate one.

When we are at home within ourselves, we don’t settle for external “homes” that don’t fit.

When we treat our bodies like valuable temples instead of trash cans, we are rewarded with bodies that enjoy our work and play.

Today is my moving day, but really—hopefully—every day is a moving day. Every day we find that balance between being present, and pressing on. We rest into the present moment so we can move forward gracefully, and with resonant choices.



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Ed: Kate Bartolotta & Bryonie Wise


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