Stop Treading Water & Enjoy the Swim!

Via Rachel Brathen
on Jun 7, 2013
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Rachel Brathen

Don’t rely on other people to make you happy.

Your happiness depends entirely on you.

Your life does not lie in the hands of the people around you, or in the situation you happen to find yourself in at this moment.

You are not a victim on your circumstances, but rather a powerful being with a choice.

The question is: do you allow every ripple of the sea that is this life turn you upside down? Or can you find peace, knowing there is an ocean of calm beneath the surface of your life situation?

As long as you look at the world from the eyes of a victim, victimized is what you will be.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself—get up and change something! You can’t count on people to always treat you well, or for the universe to always hand you the cards that you want.

You need to find a place inside of yourself where the ever changing ebb and flow of life does not dictate your fundamental sense of peace.

Practice peace and peacefulness will come your way.

Practice love, mindfulness, gratitude…and this is what your life will be made up of.

You are an ocean of love.

Stop treading water and enjoy the swim!



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About Rachel Brathen

Rachel is a yogi on a world tour. Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in the beautiful island of Aruba where she is busy teaching yoga at a resort in the mornings, coordinating retreats at noon, taking her three somewhat crazy dogs to the beach to keep up with the surf in the afternoon and trying to survive as a vegan (where no vegetables grow!) in the evenings. She firmly believes that life is not black or white – it’s black and white and blue and yellow with rays of pink and sparkle in between. You can teach yoga and still be a party animal. Meditate and ignore your spending problems. Be vegan and eat too much chocolate. Have a Swedish passport and live in the Caribbean. You can do anything, as long as it’s you! You can find Rachel on the beach, probably practicing her Astavakrasana, or on


3 Responses to “Stop Treading Water & Enjoy the Swim!”

  1. YAW says:

    Here's my problem with Buddhism. The practitioners are never pictured with crying babies and overdue bills to pay. Get back to me when you have some of these images.

  2. Courtney says:

    This is beautifuly said!!! I love it!!!

  3. Very well said! I am all about the law of attraction, the energy and emotions you put out is what you will get back, like attracts like.