Hiking as Spiritual Path: Meditation at WANDERLUST w WAYLON.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jul 5, 2013
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Walk the Talk Show: On the Road at Wanderlust Festival, Copper Mountain: Meditation Hike with Waylon Lewis.

Waylon loves two things in life. Meditation (he was raised and trained Buddhist) and Hikes (he’s Boulder, Colorado born and bred). And, his dog Red. And girls. And vegan nachos. And bicycles. And civil rights, social good, and grassroots activism. And F. Scott Fitzgerald and Kerouac. And Kurosawa and the Marx Bros. And Edward R. Murrow, and Studs Terkel. And Seane Corn. Anyways, here he combines the two things he’s best at: meditation, and hiking, at the world-famous Wanderlust Festival, where his meditation hike was sold out despite being held in the pouring rain.


 “God, she is to be found in the out-of-doors.”

Waylon Lewis, a second generation Buddhist or “Dharma Brat,”  led a contemplative, fun hike…sharing Buddhist techniques to connect the busy mind to powerful Mother Nature, and ending with meditation instruction on the summit.

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2 Responses to “Hiking as Spiritual Path: Meditation at WANDERLUST w WAYLON.”

  1. anaguardia says:

    I know I'm irrelephant, but I loved this <3

  2. syreeta says:

    I love this, ..i've never owned a car ( as of yet but that may change soon ),..and walk everywhere predominantly, .have done for my whole life which people find shocking .I find it gives me quite a different outlook, to walk regularly, it's my 'happy and calm' time,.feeds the rest of my life. It is my meditation. I walked 700 kms across spain not long ago,..I'm still processing that meditation..through meditating…:)

    still watching this but enjoying..thanks