July 16, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Astrology Transit Report for July.

The month starts with Moon creating a fresh start in Aries and transiting the first of the 27 nakshatras—Ashwini—as it crosses over Ketu.

We will likely feel the experience of something new settling in, a pull towards fresh experiences, the sense that some shift has occurred.

Mars moves to Gemini (an enemy’s sign) on 7.4 where it joins Jupiter, Mercury and Sun there. The mind sharpens—keep it soft rather than letting it get rigid.

Saturn goes direct after months of retrograde movement on 7.7 at 23:49 CDT. Structures, plans, intentions begin to move in the “right direction.”

New Moon on 7.8 at 02:14 CDT in Punarvasu nakshtatra. Sun moves to Cancer on 7.16 at 04.51 CDT. A new sense of compassion may set in.

Venus moves to Leo on 7.17 at 08:43 CDT. Notice your intentions/attention gain a new power this month. Notice how these forces move from the inner landscape, to the outer landscape now. Take action, have a fire ritual, use this as a tool for dynamic activation.

Mercury goes direct on 7.20 at 13:19 CDT. Mind begins to move in a forward direction with less resistance and out of “clean up” mode.

The month closes with Moon going exalted in Taurus; another cycle around the zodiac complete.

Full Moon is in Capricorn at 13:14 CDT on 07.22 in Uttarashada nakshatra. It is also Guru Purnima– the fullest full moon of the year and most auspicious full moon in the Vedic calendar. Honor your gurus, teachers, guides, your lineage and the masters that have helped you on your path. This is a very sacred day of expansion, purpose, power and sattva. Meditate, chant, do sacred acts that bring gratitude.

Jupiter is now in Ardra nakshatra ruled by Rahu, giving drishti to Rahu/Saturn in Libra as Rahu simultaneously give drishti to Jupiter in Gemini. Both Rahu and Saturn currently transit Swati nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and Vayu- the wind god. Consequently, there is an exchange of energy here between Rahu and Jupiter as well as a heightened expression of Rahu right now.

For some, this will offer big expansion in a worldly sense, for others chaos and calamity.

Be aware of storm energy and a tendency toward overwhelm. The momentum that is jumpstarting here will carry us forward for the coming weeks and months.

Prepare for change, movement, activation and shifts. Sattva will be tainted by the shadow energy of Rahu. The temptations are strong right now for rajasic behaviors, the foreign and unusual, and general extremes—especially on the mental, emotional levels.

Meditation may prove impossible as well as being on a good routine. Do the best you can. Perhaps find liberation in the opposition.

We can use this time for “de-centering”, which will later help us return to our “balance” with greater understanding and clarity.

Don’t fall too far off the wagon.

*Due to travel, horoscopes will be postponed until early August.


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