July 19, 2013

The 10 Best Men’s Festival Clothing Stores. ~ Eleanor Tara

I used to run an online clothing store for women who were preparing for summer festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and Wanderlust.

It did okay, but I shut it down after a couple of seasons to focus on my Vedic Astrology practice. The women were somewhat interested in the store, but to my surprise I had hordes of men asking me where all the men’s clothing was. I even had a few of them inquiring about whether they could fit into the women’s sizes. It turns out that most men do not know where to shop for festival clothing, and very few festival designers have a good selection of men’s clothing. Every summer my male friends ask me for recommendations of where to shop, so I put this list together to help all men everywhere know how to deck themselves out playa-style.

(Please note that while I appreciate all forms of fashionable self-expression, this list caters more to the “feathers and leather” scene and less to the “gold-sequined g-string and clown wig” types).

Men, you are welcome.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 picks, in no particular order:

1. Phoenix Rising

Beautifully embellished and edgy pants, vests, jackets, tees and hoodies. Every fashionable dude I know has at least one of their shirts or jackets, but their ubiquity makes them no less awesome.

2. Ethereal Elements

Sci-fi meets fairy-fashion with these pants, tees, vests and hoodies. Special shout out to the pants, which instantly transformed my guy’s non existent Burner wardrobe into one he loved.

3. AD 2013

What will they call themselves six months from now? Only time will tell. Shorts, vests, jackets, holsters and more. (Note, do not accidentally leave your AD 2013 jacket at a cafe, as it will be swiped immediately like the one I bought my partner earlier this year.  They are that awesome!)

4. Gita Salem

Steampunk inspired high fashion. A mainstay in the festival community but has a mainstream outpost in Los Angeles as well. Jackets, pants, mesh tops and vests.

5. Om Gaia Tree

Flowy and funky pants and shirts.

6. Buddhaful

Comfy and stretchy coats, vests, hoodies, shirts, pants and shorts.

7. Sefirah Fierce

Not the biggest selection, but some of the best shirts and pants out there.

8. Kucoon

A personal favorite. Comfy yet stylin’ vests, shorts, hoods and pants.

9. Five and Diamond

A variety of designers like Jan Hilmer and Steamtrunk. Hoodies, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, vests.

10. Onanya

The selection is low at the moment, but they often sell epic Shipibo print vests, pants and shirts.

Special Mentions:

Sykuico Design

A small selection of great vests and hoodies

Sha Creations

A small selection of great vests, tops, pants.



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