July 12, 2013

Trust–The Ultimate Act of Rebellion. ~ Jillian Locke

Trust is the bane of most existences.

Throughout life, we’ve learned to distrust—the authorities, the government, our bosses, the people who are supposed to be caring for us. Most of all, we’ve lose trust in ourselves.

This became glaringly apparent to me the other day, as did the sheer insanity of that loss. I was talking with a friend who I ritually talk to about life, about energy, about spirit. I had told him about a Medicine Wheel reading I had done the day before, and I was raving about how “spot on” it was. He smiled, laughed and said, “Every time you get something like this done, you say it’s so ‘spot on.’ With everything you say all the time, why do you need to do those things? You already know—you should trust yourself more at this point!”

All I could manage was “everyone needs validation sometimes!” But I knew he was completely right. I took it to heart and think about that moment every time I doubt myself or the internal promptings that my innate wisdom is trying desperately to push to the surface.

That’s when it all comes back to trust. Trusting the process, trusting that everything happens in right, due timing. Having faith in patience—trusting patience. Trusting your gut, your instincts, and learning how not to rush things, because when a realization is ready, when an epiphany is ready to be actualized, it will be. And when it is, it’s the most gratifying experience, because you can literally feel all of the thinking and emotions and analyzing and actions push forward and gel—you finally get the glimmer of inspiration, and you fucking run with it. You run with it with all your might—you grab that idea by the balls and ride it home.

Once we release all of our attitudes, assumptions, preconceptions—all of our stored traumas that prevent us from trusting–that’s when the process is really allowed to flow. That’s when we throw our agendas away and open ourselves to NEW thoughts, ideas and inspirations. The key word here is open, because when we don’t trust, what we’re actually doing is closing ourselves off from the energy of trust and enlightenment.

Trust is simply another form of energy flowing through, and we can choose to allow its passage or block it.

But first and foremost, we must learn to trust ourselves again. And how do we do that when everything in our society and culture tells us not to? When we’re told to trust external forces and voices of power over our own?

We retreat. We go within. Trust is found is silence. Through disconnecting and calling upon the ever-present silence that we so often deny, trust and truth can be found. In silence, our innate wisdom can speak loudly–loudly and clearly enough for us to finally get the message.

Our brains are buzzing, busy planning, strategizing, planning some more, analyzing our bodies and vibrations into a state of frenzy.

Screw your best laid plans. We don’t know all the answers because we’re not listening. The harder we try, the more astray we’re led. We’re not meant to know everything —if we did know everything, we wouldn’t need to be here. There would be no answers to find, no mysteries to uncover, no miracles to witness…

Throw caution to the wind and roll with it all—engage in the ultimate act of rebellion…


“The pot has been stirred and great movement is afoot. The challenge will be to keep the mind from trying to identify and define concretely just exactly what is going on. It wants to know. It wants the manual. It wants to be in control. This is a fear response to the unknown. You need to reassure your mind that spirit has your back and that it does not need to know, it just needs to trust.” 

~Lena Stevens

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