July 9, 2013

Why Disagreements at Work Help Create the Best Thinkers.

Most people are scared of conflict.

Sometimes it’s just easier to let things slide by. I mean, no one really wants to be “that person”—the one who causes the ship to sink.

But this mentality is hurting our world. Some ships need to sink.

I was intrigued recently by this Ted Talk. Margaret Heffernan says 85 percent of European and American executives are afraid of getting into arguments they don’t know how to manage. They’re afraid of looking stupid.

No wonder corporations have been described as psychopaths. They’re environments where everyone just goes along with what everyone else says.

This video reveals how and why disagreeing allows us to become our best thinkers.


I invite you all to be whistler-blowers.

I invite you all to seek out those in your life who are different from you, so that you can be challenged enough to meet your potential.

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