August 27, 2013

10 Ways to Be a Human Being. ~ Kelsea Erickson

Photo: Leah Stohs on Pixoto.

Ten steps to becoming the human you are.

1. Always trust your instincts.

As crazy as it may seem, they are much more aware of the world than we are.The entire body takes in and stores all that it encounters, and is very good at knowing what is coming next. So, next time you have that funny feeling about something, by all means, trust it.

2. Believe in a better world.

I know it’s hard to do when we see the media covering horrible people doing unimaginable things, but that’s exactly the type of image they want us to have. The media doesn’t want us to think hopefully, or know that we can do anything we want, because that could lead to a lot of disorder for them.

But the truth is, we are human beings and we have the will to do whatever we want. And I truly mean whatever. The power is in the masses, and as long as the masses are under their control, seeing their vision, they have control. If we decide to throw away all of the bullshit, we can see the world for the beautiful sphere it really is, full of kind-hearted people. And when that happens, if that ever happens, we are finally free.

3. Stop taking life so extremely seriously.

Yes, it is a beautiful gift, and it’s true that we only live once, but shouldn’t that be all the more reason to enjoy it in every possible moment? Every single day is precious and it needs to be treated as such. Stop worrying about being the best and just take care of the things around you. Play with your children because this is the last day you’ll ever see them this small. Feel the sunshine warm your skin because you don’t know if you’ll ever feel it again. We are in the here and now, and that is all that exists. Enjoy it.

4. Never hold back a smile.

It’s absolutely insane to me that people actually do that. Again, take away some of the seriousness in your life. Why would you ever repress yourself from making a wonderful gesture such as a smile? The engaging of those particular “smiling muscles” releases hormones in your brain that actually make you happier. Even if you’re sad, you can simply force a smile and feel the wave of relief wash over you. It’s truly an enchanting feeling. Try it sometime.

5. Love and be loved.

It is true that you get what you give and many people tend to forget that. Many of us feel that we are lacking love in our lives and have this binding feeling around our hearts, holding us in from everything else. If you simply open up and allow for your love to flow, you will instantly feel the love flow into you as well. It’s an amazing phenomenon, but a simple one.

And never limit love to just humans, love everything—the sun, clouds, grass, birds, trees, insects, wind—anything and everything that you experience through our limited five senses. You will soon feel almost overwhelmed with love.

6. Embrace every encounter you come across, whether you enjoyed it or not.

Each interaction we have has a lesson attached to it, try to be open and learn from it. Often, it gives you the answers to the questions that have been on your mind. Just be mindful and aware of the things you come across, they have an amazing way of showing us what we need to know.

7. Move!

It’s disappointing how many people now live sedentary life styles. We are humans, with two legs, two arms and hands and feet with five phalanges on each. That’s incredible! Do you know how many animals would love to have our set up? Let alone, we have this massive, miraculous brain sitting atop it all to control each and every movement. That is impressive.

I believe, 100 percent, that humans can do anything they want and our body structure is what proves it.

However, when it is neglected, underused and abused, how could it possibly be fulfilling its full potential? You need to move every day, and a significant amount. Not just walking to the kitchen, not just moving a mouse, but really move.

Go for a walk, feel the breeze, hear the natural sounds of life thriving around you, and soon you will feel much more alive, present and appreciative of being human. Hell, you may even come up with a new idea or two.

8. Follow your heart.

I know it is a much-overused phrase, but that is because it is true. Do what your heart desires, see what you want to see, be who you want to be, just don’t deny yourself to be true. Your desires are real, and they should be fulfilled no matter what. Many people don’t follow their heart because they think they are unable to do the things they want, when the truth is that they are the only one holding themselves back. Want to live in the Caribbean, go there. Want to write a book, start writing. Want to paint a picture, grab a brush. Do whatever it is you feel the need to do, because one day you won’t have this body anymore, and everything you ever wanted has passed you by, even when it was right there in front of you.

9. Make your own religion.

There are so many different ideals out there about the way to live a perfect life. The reality of it is that you know what your perfect life is and you can obtain it however you would like. So many religions are followed out of fear of the unknown and what kind of faith is that? Why would someone believe and follow something simply because they are scared of what will happen if they don’t?

It sounds like the saddest life possible to me. You should have faith out of your truth, your experiences and your life.

Just believe in yourself, and strive for anything you believe in. You know much better than someone else what you feel, so don’t deny yourself from your truth; it’s all you have.

10. Become the most evolved version of yourself.

Never stop learning, engaging or being curious of your surroundings. Strive to make yourself a bit better everyday. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and achieve greatness, just live, breathe and be happy. Realize that one day, this brain won’t be working, and you’ll never know when that day comes.

So embrace the moments you have, for they are limited. Do your best to shine in every situation and love those around you.

Appreciate your heartbeat and flow with your pulse. Be the human that you are. Simply be and never limit yourself to a set of characteristics.

You have all the potential in the world, you are an atom bomb ready to explode in any way you wish. But, you only have this one life, that one explosion, so make sure it’s spectacular.


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Assistant Ed: Amy Cushing/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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