August 11, 2013

A Reminder of Elephant’s Mission: Journalism vs. mere Blogging.

A Reminder of Mission.

We are not a lifestyle blog. That’s a term sales folks love—we are not about yoga or meditation or organics or social action or education or family or adventure or any of the things we are about. We are, fundamentally, about truth.

“The Proclamation of Truth is Fearless.”

To be of benefit. It sounds nice, but it can mean calling out snake-oil commercialism or spiritual materialism with a sense of tenderness and caring and, sometimes, humor.

Elephant aspires not to be a blog that merely sticks to smoothie recipes and “Top 10 Ways to be Happy” blogs without venturing into uncomfortable subjects including religion; civil rights and feminism; animal rights & veganism; criticism of business ethics; reviews of art, music, food; and politics. We are not here to make ourselves merely happy: we are here to help all of us to become more enlightened, in the worldly sense. Open and free and respectful dialogue is painful, sad, hurtful…and vital to a kind, responsible society.

Journalism ethics 101: we

“support the open exchange of views, even views we find repugnant.”

As long as views are fair, respectful, and open-minded, we support dialogue and non-aggressive criticism, including self-criticism.

That said, we also support the right of any of those criticized, including ourselves, to be given the opportunity to respond in a thoughtful and fair manner. ~ Waylon Lewis

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Read 1 comment and reply

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