August 18, 2013

Flourishing Yoga Nebulas: A Grasp of Samadhi.

 “We open ourselves to the possibility of bliss,

 the breakthrough of the transcendental reality into our consciousness,

whereby the ego principle is unhinged

and we fully recover our spiritual identity.”

~ Georg Feuerstein

As I continue studying the yogic philosophy, I feel my yogic path evolves profoundly. My mind is able to put into perspective many of Georg Feuerstein’s approaches to our yogic path, especially working our way to open ourselves to the possibility of bliss.

Rosey sunrises and fiery sunsets, high mountains, vast valleys, exuberant vegetation, and the mystic mediterranean waters, inspired constant sva-dhyaya—self-study. Yes, I was biking and practicing yoga in the Île de Beauté, Corsica. My path became a unitive discipline, where my mind battled the kleshas—afflictions, while gradually coming closer to my true essence. It felt as if each past experience, or simply each kilometer I biked, had been an illusion.

Although for most, “what is out of sight is out of mind,” biking Corsica proved the contrary, all that is out of sight potentializes our dreams and allows our mind and senses to self-purify, to experience bliss.

We had 500 km ahead during a 10-day period coupled to sauvage camping. Pedaling along the sea, rivers, under green tunnels, mountains, vineyards, simply nature’s wonders, allowed my mind to be fully dettached from my senses. My prana—vital life force—was splashing all over my inner body, as my intuition took over. My body was able to use the most subtle parts of the practice, the ujjayi—victorious breathing, bandhas—energetic locks, and dristis—gazing points for full concentration,  to open my heart, bow to life and get tiny grasps of Samadhi–like experiences—blissful states.

Practing yoga, proved the body’s holistic intelligence: the physical, pranic, biological and psychic parts; it turned into colorful nebulas, interstellar constellations of magic. Biking flourished into a moving meditation, with a practice of tapas—austerity, by keeping a fiery discipline to complete each stage.

Asmita—my sense of I-amness—was tamed by the fiery sun and the delicate turquoise of sea water. Each day of pure vital life felt as a miracle.

Living inspired by Yoga allows my heart to be open to the possibility of bliss. By the end, my body was feeling lighter, fresher, clearer, as my heart was able to reflect the light of the soul; as Feuerstein describes, being able to “polish the mirror of the mind” and achieve a significant progress in the yogic path.

Honoring my teachers:
Linda Munro & Gérald Disse, Ashtanga Yoga Paris;
Sri O.P. Tiwari, Kaivalyadhama Center
Smta Hansayi Jajadeva Yogendra, The Yoga Institute

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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shiva Aug 18, 2013 5:23pm

Enjoyed the cool video. Thanks.

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The Global Yogini

Carolina Daza is a multi-faceted artist and globe-trotter spreading her love for yoga and the arts in a uniquely creative way. She completed her 500HR Ashtanga Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance) in Paris with Gérald Disse & Linda Munro at Ashtanga Yoga Paris and has been leading retreats for numerous years.

Carolina has a Master’s in Contemporary Arts from the Université Paris VIII and completed a second Master’s of Arts at New York University (NYU). While her studies at NYU, she lived at the Bhakti Center prime ashram in the Lower East Side of Manhattan together with her teacher Divya Alter, founder of the Bhagavat Life. Carolina has studied with senior level Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Chuck Miller, Ron Reid, David Garrigues and Kino MacGregor.

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