I Will Survive: A Playlist to Rock Your Root Chakra.

Via Michelle Margaret Fajkus
on Aug 27, 2013
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The body never lies. ~ Martha Graham

The primary concern of the root chakra is survival.

The root’s issues also include anicca, a.k.a. impermanence, clinging versus letting go, security and safety versus fear of abandonment. This chakra governs reflexes, instincts and digestive functions. A healthy root chakra lends itself to one’s overall sense of well-being and vibrant energy. An unhealthy first chakra can cause feelings of fear, insecurity and powerlessness.

This playlist will rock your root chakra!

Please share your favorite root chakra song in a comment, if so inspired.

1. Ganesh is Fresh by MC Yogi

According to the Vedic texts of ancient Hinduism, Ganesh the Elephant God is the ruler of muladhara (“root”) chakra. This fabulous tune for an upbeat yoga practice tells Ganesh’s life story.


2. I Will Survive by Cake

Of course, you could go for the original Gloria Gaynor disco version.


3. Flaming Red by Patti Griffin

The root chakra’s color is flaming red.


4. A Day in the Life by The Beatles

He blew his mind out in a car… he didn’t notice that the lights had changed.


5. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash


6. She’s 22 by Norah Jones

Her boyfriend cheats on her with a 22 year old, and she writes a hit album. Gotta love Norah Jones!


7. Never Enough by The Cure


8. Elephant Power by MC Yogi

Yes, he made the list twice. With a name like MC Yogi, it has to be good.


9. Human Nature by Michael Jackson


10. Todo Cambia by Mercedes Sosa


11. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


Bonus: The entire Radiohead album, King of Limbs, is very root chakra-y. Enjoy!


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About Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Michelle is a believer in the power of poetry, circles and stories. She is the creator of Yoga Freedom. Michelle's home base is Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands where she enjoys writing, reading, playing with her daughter, teaching, learning, walking in nature, speaking puro Spanglish with her partner and living the dream, merrily. Michelle has been gratefully writing this column for elephant journal since 2010. She has self-published several inspiring books and regularly leads yoga retreats in Guatemala.


13 Responses to “I Will Survive: A Playlist to Rock Your Root Chakra.”

  1. Ann nichols says:

    Love it! Now I’m off to Spotify to put it together……

  2. yoga freedom says:

    Great, Ann! I'm glad it resonated with you! I have to check out Spotify…. I have heard good things but am not sure if it works in Guatemala. Namaste, Michelle

  3. Leslie Shilling says:

    I needed this right now! Was just driving to my first classes of the fall semester and thinking that this single mom/full time student needs some empowering tunes to study along with. I will survive… Algebra!

  4. Patricia Juarez says:

    It is Patty Griffin, not Patti Griffith, but great playlist, Thanks,

  5. Paul says:

    I love MC Yogi – but Michael Jackson's Human Nature being associated with Root Chakra? Really? I can think of a handful of Santana songs from their first 3 albums that are MUCH more primal. DRUMS!!!

  6. sassifrassilassi says:

    Dead Can Dance – Mother Tongue!

  7. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks for the catch, Patricia!

  8. fluxustulip says:

    ah, Radiohead…perfect. Fun list, Thanks!

  9. yoga freedom says:

    Ha. You will survive algebra and everything else. I'm glad it resonated with you! Thanks for reading / listening / commenting. Namaste, Michelle

  10. yoga freedom says:

    Oops! I guess I've been away from Austin for too long. (That's where Patty G. lives too…) Thanks for reading / listening / commenting.

  11. Catherine says:

    I guess I prefer the Gloria Gaynor's version of "I Will Survive," mostly because I prefer to hear songs sung on pitch. I can't imagine this particular version would do much for your root chakra when the constant TOTALLY out of pitch singing is so obvious, annoying and distracting.

  12. Beats Music says:

    7,9 and 11 and some of my all time favorites. great list!

  13. antara111 says:

    Very funny and clever article.
    Please write the playlist to flame manipura chakra!
    I already have a song name for it: "Let it burn" by Usher

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