August 17, 2013

The Power of Love: Traveling in Space & Light. ~ Simone Boger

Intuitive faculties, including inner vision or the faculty of clairvoyance, are not a surreal subject for a meditator.

Akash is the Sanskrit word for ether or sky, the fifth and most subtle of the elements found in nature. It pervades space and is a medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves of sounds and visions.

Just as sound vibrations travel through the air, thoughts travel through ether. In esoteric schools, akash is considered the storehouse of all information that exists, available to be accessed through higher states of consciousness.

This word also appears in the Sanskrit word for radio, akashvani—“the sound that comes through ether.” Ether is clearly not a living entity, yet it possesses properties of storage and propagation. Another meaningful word is the one for television—doordarshan—which means “seeing what is distant.”

These physical devices have a natural counterpart in the inner powers or natural abilities of the human soul. Ancient stories and scriptures tell of a time when people could naturally receive and send messages through thought waves and have insights of events happening in distant places, in the past or future.

Intuitive faculties, including inner vision or the faculty of clairvoyance, are not a surreal subject for a meditator. When practiced regularly over a period of time, meditation and spiritual development bring clarity, accurate intuition and at times, a return of such capacities.

In this respect, there is yet another beautiful word—sakaash, meaning light, as in “enlightened.” In spiritual vocabulary, this is the energy emanated by the Divine.

God’s purest light can be stored within our souls and be felt or seen by sensitive people.

It is sakaash that illuminates our subtle bodies and strengthens our mind fields, giving focus and clarity to our intellectual abilities. Once the mind is stable, this energy can be sent out to others through concentrated thoughts and pure feelings. In this way we might act as transmitters of God’s healing powers to benefit people and nature.

In India, the first inhabitants of Earth have been remembered as devtas—the shining ones. In fact, remembrance of elevated ancestors is a common feature of all ancient civilizations, many of which managed to preserve their stories and fables over generations. Their ways of living were later deemed sacred and their images are still found in many temples.

There is a vision of ancient history which tells of a lost civilization and a time of harmony and joy, a true Paradise, believed to be the peak of human existence.

This perspective is now returning as research and findings seem to be confirming what the ancients knew so well. Old accounts speak about this period when divinized beings walked upon this earth. They later came to be known as “deities” and are usually portrayed with halos of light and royal symbols.

They are believed to be God´s original creation.

The above excerpt is from The Power of Love — Returning to the Source, by Simone Boger.


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