September 21, 2013

Can’t be Stylish Biking? My 38 Days of Bike Photos Will Prove You Wrong.

How do people know when you’ve ‘made it’?

Whether you should need to show off your success or not is another issue, but the fact remains that many of us see the things that others have and we long for them.

Growing up in a preppy suburb of Boston, I found myself coveting a slick looking Beemer because of how it looked, and more importantly, how I would look in it. I remember, with a little embarrassment, my mom asking me why I wanted a BMW, and I said, “because it is the ultimate driving machine”—she responded that their advertising had got me good.

While I no longer crave a BMW, I still have moments of coveting a slick new item from a responsible company like Patagonia, and frequently hear friends coveting the latest sports car or $120 pair of Lululemon pants, which got me thinking: What makes something aspirational?

Inspired by my friends who are oh so into the sexy cars, I wanted to help make biking sexy and aspirational—so created my 38 days (originally 30 days) of #BikeStylish.

For a period of a little over a month, I took a photo of the clothing I wore on my bike—often this was professional clothing or evening wear. I wanted to show my friends that I could be just as stylish and sexy riding my ’73 Maserati road bike as I could be behind the wheel of some sports car. I got a lot of wonderful feedback and had a lot of fun with the project.

My next self challenge will be 30 days of YouTube to help me get over my crippling awkwardness on video, so enjoy my first foray into video making with a slideshow of my #BikeStylish experiment.


Here are my 38 Days of Bike Style

#BikeStylish Day 1


#BikeStylish Day 2 #BikeStylish Day 3


#BikeStylish Day 4


#BikeStylish Day 5


#BikeStylish Day 6


#BikeStylish Day 7


#BikeStylish Day 8
(bike shorts under skirt for 16 mile round trip ride to help shoot a video with Elephant Journal) #BikeStylish Day 9 #BikeStylish Day 10 (not very stylish this day, just went out for yoga)


#BikeStylish Day 11 (Happy 4th of July) #BikeStylish Day 12


#BikeStylish Day 13 (Inversions & Helmets)


#BikeStylish Day 13


#BikeStylish Day 15


#BikeStylish Day 16




#BikeStylish Day 17



#BikeStylish Day 18 #BikeStylish Day 19 #BikeStyish Day 20 #BikeStylish Day 21 #BikeStylish Day 22 #BikeStylish Day 23 #BikeStylish Day 24


#BikeStylish Day 25 #BikeStylish Day 26


#BikeStylish Day 27 #BikeStylish Day 28 #BikeStylish Day 29 #BikeStylish Day 30 (so much love for Elephant Journal) #BikeStylish Day 31



#BikeStylish Day 32 #BikeStylish Day 33 #BikeStylish Day 34 #BikeStylish Day 35 (not a very stylish look on my way to softball, but I was honest about what I actually wore every day) #BikeStylish Day 36 #BikeStylish Day 37


#BikeStylish Day 38

I wanted to show my friends that I could be just as stylish and sexy riding my ’73 Maserati road bike as I could be behind the wheel of some sports car. I received a lot of wonderful feedback including questions on just how I rode my bike in some of these outfits which I outline in my follow-up blog How to Bike in a Mini-Skirt (& Other Bike Stylish Tips).

Join in the fun in spreading biking love by posting your own #BikeStylish photos and tagging @Jeanne_EE  on Instagram. And, if you want to watch the goofiness of my next 30 challenge unfold, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

No excuses, get out on your bike!

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Ed: Bryonie Wise








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Ellery Marshall Jul 16, 2014 10:20am

You're not actually on the bike in any of the photos.

meaghanls Jul 16, 2014 7:58am

Cute as you are, you should be wearing a helmet. It wouldn't be stylish to obtain a brain injury or die.

Dec 4, 2013 8:45am

I want to see today's photo. Brrr!

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