Cease & Desist? Let’s Try Peace & Exist. {YogaGlo Petition from Yoga Alliance.}

Via Jennifer S. White
on Sep 27, 2013
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Sign this petition if you’re upset with YogaGlo.

Oh, YogaGlo.

To all of the other yogis out there striving to maintain a sense of understanding and compassion for all parties involved in the cease and desist “scandal” surrounding YogaGlo and Yoga International—who, by the way, has handled this situation with grace—the following, to me at least, says a lot.

I’m an RYT, so I was extremely interested to get an email from Yoga Alliance this afternoon.

The email states:

“We call on YogaGlo to live up to its claim of encouraging “more access to yoga, not less,” by withdrawing its patent application. We also encourage our Registered Yoga Teachers and Registered Yoga Schools, and anyone else who supports yoga and/or the appropriate use of the U.S. patent system, to sign this petition asking YogaGlo to withdraw its patent application.”

Considering that we’ve had more than one thoughtful elephant journal author write about this story for our beloved site, I don’t feel that, at this point, I can add anything filled with further insight or clarity.

However, this email has a potentially profound impact as yoga teachers call on the voices in our community for guidance.

I plan on signing this petition—especially after reading YogaGlo’s rather-lame public explanation—and I hope you do too.

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5 Responses to “Cease & Desist? Let’s Try Peace & Exist. {YogaGlo Petition from Yoga Alliance.}”

  1. Since this article's submission, my signature became #2,215. Go justice and love—and "real" yoga!

  2. Tracy says:

    Jennifer: It's obvious YogaGlo cares an awful lot about this patent financially to weather a storm of bad PR. I wonder if YogaGlo's potential patent financial upside isn't potentially for their newer business, FitnessGlo? Their patent says "various types of instructional classes, including Yoga." That could mean BIG bucks in both the fitness and the yoga world.

    Regardless, I'm with you, I don't think anyone should be patenting something as broad as an angle or perspective. I'm shocked YogaGlo is so focused on the camera angle and not their great teachers. But clearly they see a lot of $$$.

  3. I agree and that's why this petition is so important—it impacts many other areas of wellness besides yoga, which is just sad. Great feedback, Tracy. Thanks.

  4. mike says:

    GOOD NEWS ! You can oppose the Patent directly with the Patents Office here http://www.uspto.gov/about/offices/patents/pep/of

  5. This is true, but I have to think that Yoga Alliance plans to submit their petition in this manner with, hopefully, a large amount of signatures. I don't mean to sound wishy washy or judgmental, honestly, but don't you think more people are likely to take the two seconds it take to "sign" the petition through Yoga Alliance than to read the jargon and go through more laborious steps here (even if it's more official and possibly more immediately effective)?

    Thanks. Mike, for sharing this link. Maybe I'm wrong and more people will go this route!