September 15, 2013

Do Angels Guide Us?

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It might seem rather silly to some that we have at least one or two angels guiding our every move in this life.

For many, the thought of kicking back, dreaming up a goal or two, and allowing the angels to do their work would be the manifesto of success.

But, and here’s the kicker, you have to do the work.

It’s easy to fall prey to allowing the angels to take over, while you sit back on easy street and continue one bad behavior after another. The work involves more than just owning and admitting what characteristic resides in you and is begging for attention.

You have to give it attention! That is the key.

The synchronicities and serendipitous events happen when you pay heed to the calling of your heart.

What is calling you? Where are you on your individual path that is in need of either some redirection or grounded activity? Who lights up your life and makes your heart sing? How are you delivering your inspiration to the outside world?

These are all questions that an angel reading can help with in today’s modern world. It isn’t hokey at all. If anything, more people are drawn to angel and spiritual readings to assist them on their paths. I consider it a step in the right direction.

Taking action to have some sort of reassurance that your movement in life is in alignment with your true self—this is a natural progression in the lesson of growth.

A local intuitive coach here in Austin, named Cecilia Combe, has a beautiful gift.

Not only does she name the angel that is guiding you, but she does not give any answers, as would a psychic or even another type of spiritual consultant. No, Cecilia allows you to pick as many cards from the shuffled deck that you need, spread them out, and lets your fingers do the walking as to which card will hold some guidance.

I picked about six cards total.

I took about a thousand deep breaths beforehand, as I knew I was not dealing with some amateur. I closed my eyes, delved into my gut, and asked my questions. She initially sensed all that I was feeling without me saying a word. My energy has a way of being a rather open book, so it’s not tough to disclose what I’m feeling when silent.

As she and I spoke, she never once told me time frames, what to do, where to go, what opportunities lay ahead—she simply guided me with the help of my angel.

I can’t even pronounce the angel’s name each time I try to say it, but rest assured, I read all about it in the accompanying book she gave me. And, I know me. She was right on.

I cried during the session. It dredged up some deep stuff and it’s so freeing and refreshing. Every time I spoke to her at length about my passions and purpose, she sensed how my path is the right one. She never said so, as that is not her “job,” but merely allowed my own intuition to take hold.

I loved the entire hour. I left her house with a swollen heart, a dance to my step, and now I continue to call in my angel during meditation and evening walks.

I definitely recommend angel readings and guidance with a professional intuitive coach.

Here are a few basics to prepare you:

1. Know what questions you want to ask.

Try not to sit there with nary a thought, and expect your intuitive coach to have all the answers. You need to bring something to the table, by way of your own thought process. Once the cards are down and turned over to reveal the words and pictures of your guided journey, allow the coach to work her magic. Trust me. It’s quite revealing and thoughtful and true.

2. Be open to the outcome.

Here is where we can get stuck. If we have zero belief in this type of energy work, it will be impossible to take in the information with an open heart. Some people don’t believe in guided spirit angels. Some people could care less about astrology. Some feel that what the universe provides is nothing more than luck or bad fate. In either case, do yourself a favor prior to your angel reading and be open. Whether you believe what your intuitive coach is helping to guide you with, or if you need answers to how this life all makes sense, the time spent is definitely a step in the right direction.

3. Write down notes for reference.

I have found that jotting down notes during the session helps, otherwise my brain tends to forget all that was said, and the “aha” moments that she mentioned might pass me by. Or, if permitted, use a small tape recorder and record the hour session. I did not do either because I was too busy listening and crying! But, for those of you who want to understand more about what was said in the reading, I encourage taking notes in one way or another.

4. Be grateful.

This is a given. Gratitude for what just transpired in the angel reading from an intuitive coach takes a great deal of energy, for both you and the coach. Allow yourself to process every word in your own quiet time. Do something nice for yourself and others. Show gratitude to the universe for the blessing that led you to that session. It pays off two-fold. Your heart is full, your connection to your angel is solidified and the intuitive coach has succeeded.
As one who enjoys all the spiritual practices and the odds and ends of every type of journey experience, I feel an angel reading is a part of a self-care regimen.

We all have an angel sitting on our shoulder and in our hearts.

Tapping into that energy is one thing. Granting permission for your angel to guide you is more than enough to set your soul on its true destination path. What a gift!


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Ed: Catherine Monkman

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