Letter to Myself: A Dr. Seuss Reminder.

Via Gabbi Magana
on Sep 15, 2013
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Photo: carlosporto
Photo: carlosporto

Every day is a new opportunity.

This is it for you.

Remember you choose where to go,

there’s always a choice,

and you’ll choose it on your own.

Things happen, they will, there’s no doubt. 

Enjoy the ride,

and learn all you can.

Remember too, when you’re left in a lurch,

you have me to walk it through with you.

When you’re in a slump,

I’m walking right beside you.

The choice you make, I’ll make it with you.

And when you find yourself waiting, 

I’ll escape the waiting with you.

I’ll remind you to act and be all you are.

I’ll remind you how ready you are

But there also those times,

where you find yourself

playing all the games all alone.

Just remember, I’m playing along

Because I’m playing within you.

The times when you don’t want to keep going,

because you feel all alone,

we’ll face the monsters inside

Sharp your eyes and your touch,

because monsters are outside too.

We’ll succeed of course,

Because you got me inside you,

because that’s what you came here to do.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Gabbi Magana

Gabbi Magana thrives on being alive. Her great companions are her family and her 16 year old dog. She enjoys to express her experiences through the art of writing and painting. She is studying to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. When she is not imagining her own world, she is reading about others on the pages of a book. You can connect with her on her blog or Facebook.


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