September 28, 2013

Our Spaceship Mother Earth: We’re All In It Together. {Video}

Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr

Astronauts speak of seeing Earth from space as being profoundly humbling and about how truly vulnerable we are.

They speak of this very thin layer all around us, which looks much like a rainbow, or one big chakra, encapsulating us from the rest of space.

They’ve witnessed the cutting away of trees, the erosion and our humanly effects on Earth from space. They remark on what poets, the scriptures and yoga, have said all along,

“We are what the stars are made of.”

There is unity, oneness, interdependence, and this isn’t some hippy dippy saying, but a reality we all must come together to witness and fully understand.

If one doesn’t feel connected to something larger, then have them watch this amazing video, let them witness earth from space, and experience how seeing ourselves from space helps creates a shift in consciousness, a shift in awareness of how we perceive ourselves and our home.

We’re all in it together.

If “Earth becomes sick, we become sick, if earth dies, we will die.”

The move towards sustainability is so vital to our species. This video is truly a call out to all humanity to shift our behaviors to a more sustainable approach rather than a mere economical approach, to unite as one in our actions, to work together with the plants, otherwise we are truly endangering our future.

These astronauts are urging us to reach a common goal of saving our true mother, Mother Earth.

To come together, set aside all our differences, and “take care of earth because earth takes care of us, and we need to take care of it, too.”

It is just as Tracy Chapman sang years back, “Mother of us all, place of our birth, how can we stand aside, and watch the rape of the world.” How can we?

The ancient seers saw the need to care for “Mother Earth,” indigenous cultures see it, poets and singers have written and sung her their praises, and we in yoga cultivate the awareness to watch ourselves and shift towards greater awareness, not just in our bodies, but also our actions.

Through yoga, we begin to see this interconnectedness the astronauts speak of, we shift our own awareness towards the greater good, rather than merely our own individual benefit.

And it is as the scriptures say, it is the big self, not just the little self, that truly requires our attention.

We know there is only a vulnerably thin layer circling around us, at all times, as we ride together on this spaceship called Mother Earth, and it is our duty to protect her, and ourselves.

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Ed: Catherine Monkman

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