September 25, 2013

The Sacred Space: 4 Reasons to Embrace Vulnerability.

In many different cultures, we are trained to be afraid of vulnerability—or to disregard it.

Vulnerability is associated with fear because it exposes our thoughts and emotions to elements of ourselves we deny (including opening  to our own egos/judgements) or tear us open to pain—an emotion we are conditioned to avoid on all levels. The potential of personal influence in this state is also scary.

Though these are the reasons why we tend to avoid vulnerability, let’s find the reasons that make vulnerability enriching and why it’s nourishing on the deepest layers of our spirit.

  • The Bond 007 Style: Vulnerability strengthens the relationship for the simple reason that it transports two (or more) people to exist in a sacred space. A place of freedom and trust.
  • Transparency: When there is a fear of judgement—and as a result, a choice not to speak of something that feels should be spoken—a block is made and eventually a wall is built up. (Bear in mind that your own readiness  to speak of a topic is of the utmost importance, but that’s a different discussion all together).
  • De-clutter: Vulnerability allows your thoughts and emotions to be regurgitated out in their most grotesque and disorganized manner. It presents an opportunity to de-clutter your mind and organize haphazardness. Sifting through.
  • Accountability: A mirror is held up to us that reflects back our thoughts, judgements and emotions about the world and our experiences in it. When our words are spoken back to us and we are open to receiving them (without bringing our own ego into its processing) it can truly be powerful fodder for our perspectives and recognitions.

When we are in the presence of someone who is choosing to be vulnerable, or we make the active choice of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we must acknowledge that this is a sacred, shared space we embody and hold. This defines the parameters of exchange.

A mutual understanding and sense of respect is imperative when individuals make this deliberate choice.

Let’s get off the prescribed delusional idea of what strength and emotional intellect is if it deludes the concept of vulnerability.

It has a transformative power. It can not only provide opportunities for growth, but insights and experiences that might not otherwise be available. As with anything in life, respect it, recognize it and embrace it.

Give vulnerability a place in your life to enrich you and nourish you, without inhibitions.

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Ed: Sara Crolick
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