Why the Nose? {VIDEO} ~ Mark Day

Via Mark Day
on Sep 11, 2013
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Mark Day

Don’t be afraid to clown around.

Why the Nose? is a year-round project dedicated to the act of wearing a clown nose every day in order to make people smile.

The project, which is documented on video and in photos online, makes a special effort to interact with participants at the annual Burning Man event in Nevada, which came to a climax this Memorial Day weekend.

With a culture of openness, playfulness and acceptance, it’s relatively easy to persuade people at Burning Man to embrace the idea of being clowns for a moment or two, but the hope is that they’ll take some of that spirit into their everyday lives when they get home from the desert.


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Assistant Ed: Moira Madden / Ed: Cat Beekmans


About Mark Day

Mark Day is a videographer and 12-time Burning Man attendee.


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