September 26, 2013

Yoga Like You’ve Never Seen it Before. {Amazing Artwork}

Tadasana: Tree pose

‘Leichtigkeit’ (German for ‘ease’) is a series of yoga-inspired prints by artist Sejz Inn.

A self-taught artist with a background in traditional oil painting, Sejz experimented with mixed media for this series, blending digital art, illustration and paint.

Inspired by a Bikram yoga 30 day challenge, the artist developed this series of stunning illustrations depicting poses varying from dhanurasana (bow pose) to sasangasana (rabbit pose).

The artist’s goal is to take her viewers through a contemporary creative journey that is a soft and soothing ‘treat for the eyes.’

Ardha chandrasana: Backward bend half-moon pose



Dhanurasana: Floor bow pose Sasangasana: Rabbit pose


Lock the knee pose or head to knee pose


Utkatasana: Awkward pose Padahastasana: Japanese ham sandwich or head-to-toe-pose


Standing bow pose


Tuladandasana: balancing stick pose


Pranayama: breathing

Relephant: amazing underwater yoga photos.


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Ed: Renée Picard

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Read 4 comments and reply

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