October 4, 2013

How the Tea Party’s Government Shut Down brought Hot Love to my Cold Home.

I am deeply appreciative of the Tea Party, today.

I crack myself up

I just responded to a White House email that took me to their web site

How Has the Government Shutdown Affected You?

Congress has two jobs to do: pass a budget and pay its bills.

But earlier this week, Congress failed to pass legislation to fund the government,
and now many vital services are shut down.
How has the government shutdown affected you?

My reply:
It’s been wonderful! Other than causing our economy to slump, and a dear friend of mine to lose her job temporarily (and she needs it, she’s badly sick), I’ve been madly in love with this young lady who was visiting me for a few days here in Colorado.

Just when she was about to leave, those Tea Party “Patriots” shut down the Yellowstone National Park, which she was going to camp in on her way to visit relatives up north. So she had to stay with me for another five days! And now we’re very much in love! Thank you, Tea Party!

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Read 1 comment and reply

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