October 24, 2013

Interview with a Yogi: Healing through Nada Yoga. ~ Daniel Barnes

I would like to open the doors of your awareness to a divine energy, one which is spiritual but also vibrating.

Within our energy system, we have a ‘current of light’ that runs from the base chakra (Muladhara) through to our crown (Sahasrara) also known as kundalini or shakti.

This is a feminine energy that coils like a snake and can be activated through deep meditation, Tantra and Mantra. With me today is Dr Pradeep ullal, a Himalayan yoga guru, life transformation coach, healer, writer, sociologist, communication specialist, inspirational speaker, martial artist, researcher and spiritual scientist. Among these attributes, he also has the unique gift of awakening this ‘Kundalini Shakti’ energy through the use of Nada yoga or vibrational healing.

Good afternoon Dr ullal. Thanks for your time. I understand you’re in India at the moment—where did you grow up, as you have been described as a Himalayan guru, does this indicate you are from the north?

I was born in Bangalore in South India.

As a child I had an intense burning desire to be in the Himalayas. At age 18, I left home to explore my deep seeded connection with these phenomenal yogis in the Himalayan mountains. I visited some rare caves and soon realized that I had already done meditations in these caves in these past journeys. From the divine blessings and techniques I received from many cosmic masters in my meditational states, I came to learn that I intuitively knew of rare techniques practiced by the Himalayan yogis without any formal training.

Whenever I met masters from Himalayas, they talked to me about my mission on this plane in this lifetime, which is slowly unfolding at present with respect to the ‘kevala foundation.‘

We will touch on this ‘foundation’ later. Pradeep, I have to get straight the point and ask what actually is Nada yoga and how long have you been practicing this amazing form of energetic interaction or recalibration?

I live in a state of constant integrated awareness and have immersed actively in helping aspirants on the path of ascension.

Nada Yoga is the ‘soul essence’ emerging as pure vibrations. It’s not about producing extended overtones or singing. It’s the purity emerging from the ‘core being’ that penetrates beyond the ordinary reach of a singer or an artist. I have been practicing Nada Yoga for 12 years now.

You mentioned prior that you were given, or rather opened up to these techniques through meditational states. Do you feel you may have had some type of ‘seed’ of knowledge that allowed this wisdom to bloom and help you fully understand these techniques?

I hail from a family of Hindustani Classical musicians. My father used to run a music school called Upasana, which means Meditative Prayer in Sanskrit.

I have no formal training in singing or playing any instrument. I have my shortcomings in musical talent. However I sustained my ardent passion for exploring music from all over the world with intense curiosity and appreciation.

When I was 30 years old, I had an intense pull towards Nada yoga. I had no access to teachers who could guide me per se. Once I expressed this desire to a powerful yogi, and he told me that I had to remain in complete surrender to my voice, which one day would transform and bring the essence of Nada yoga through transmissions from Ascended Masters.

His readings came true.

Once while I was absorbed in meditation, some rare ragas (musical notes) started flowing into me. I began to hum it and this began my journey into Nada yoga. Interestingly, my voice had to go through many changes. I experienced an intense rising of Kundalini shakti which cleansed my brain and cleared my throat chakra.

I would throw up copious amount of clear liquid.

This may sound strange to many who haven’t experienced anything like this; it went on for about three years. I would carry a plastic bowl with me when I sat for meditation. The energy cleansing transformed my voice and gave it a distinct healing power.

I realized later that when I talked to people, they received tremendous healing. When I chanted, many people experienced stirring and awakening of Kundalini Shakti.

This confirmed that I was meant to serve aspirants through the power of my voice. I know this is a gift to me and this has not come through any real effort.

Okay, I am going to go slightly of topic here—this depiction of the ‘purge’ which eliminates toxins (Tamas) from your subtle body, sounds much alike the process that occurs during the ‘Ayahuasca ceremonies of the Amazon.’ Have you had the privilege to partake in these Medicine ceremonies, which is becoming a real draw card for beings seeking emotional and spiritual healing?

I lead a team of advanced meditators to the Amazonian jungles in Peru. It was our first experience of Ayahuasca and it was truly phenomenal.

It was truly a memorable night. It was raining heavily and we were in a serene meditation hall in a deep forest. The shamans who were supposed to help us during the ceremony got drunk and disoriented. I had to take the responsibility of guiding my team to expand their state without getting disoriented in the body.

I had to ensure that all of us were awake and aware (conscious) through the night. We meditated for eight hours without a wink of sleep. It was a journey into many lifetimes compressed in a few hours. I sincerely recommend anyone who is on the path of knowing the sacred or beloved to explore Ayahuasca. It has tremendous powers to cleanse the pineal gland and help us to expand to higher dimensions.

Did you still have a physical purge? Does this remind you of the purge you had during your cleansing with Nada yoga, as you mention the plastic bowl? Many Ayahuasca attendees are very familiar with the trusty purge bowl.

Yes physical purge is inevitable after consuming Ayahuasca. It is a powerful way of eliminating toxins from our pineal gland. It also decalcifies our brain.

Most fluoride tooth paste or public water users will have to be aware that our brains have a layer of calcified fluoride which comes in the way of our clarity. This has to be eliminated through detox and brain irrigation. I purged only once and it was a brief one. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of detox has been happening to me for many years. So the impact of purging was a mild one.

This is very interesting with respect to the energetic correlation between your approach and the shamans of the amazon, which is great for seekers who would rather not go into the jungle or have their roots in the ‘yogic’ system already.

You have made an interesting topic of discussion. Shamans work with their rituals and ceremonies. I met many shamans in Peru. I have to admit that only a few of them have explored further than their ritualistic thresholds. They connect with nature spirits and can help aspirants to purify and expand to some extent.

I feel ‘Yogic’ science is far more advanced, scientific and has gone through thousands of years of intense progression. Nature is pure and has a lot to offer to us. Ayahuasca is a gift to mankind and has to be explored with a state of an ascended awareness.

Seekers need guidance before and after they consume the amazing Ayahuasca. A true Yogi can provide immense guidance and help seekers to powerfully expand their ascension in a quick way.

Just another inquiry into the similarities between your approach and this medicine, as you call on the cosmic masters for help during a healing ‘session.’ Do you see the similarities between your approach with ‘pure’ sound and the practice of the (ikaros) healing songs of these Peruvian shamans, which call on the plant world for healing?

There are no masters on this plane.

We are all learners, and in a way beginners, every day. Nature spirits have their charm in helping us connect deeply to mother nature. I experienced this beauty of expanded states while I directly connected to the elemental forces in Peru.

Shamanic singing is beautiful and earthy and one which holds great significance to the nurturing of humanity. They use the rustling sound of cocoa leaves (chakapas), and their lingering voices to do healing singing. When we expand beyond the realms of earthen spirits, we get an opportunity to connect with masters from other domains.

The beyond is truly phenomenal and fascinating.

We have to overcome hallucinations and wishful thinking in order to remain a pure channel. There is a powerful league of celestial musicians, spirit doctors, white brotherhood masters, lotus masters, inter-dimensional travelers, and many other powerful enlightened beings that grace us with their blessings during my sessions. There are some aspects which are beyond our logic. Hence I don’t try to explain or express.

With respect to your Nada yoga practices, what could one expect from a consultation?

When an aspirant is in a deep state of acceptance and surrender, a session with me can be truly transformational in terms of experiences. Everyone is in a different stage of journey and hence will only receive what they truly deserve at the point of need.

I don’t generalize what a typical consultation will be, as I channel and work through intuitive guidance and awareness. I address each aspirant’s need to help them to rise above suffering, pain and misery in their journeys.

Some aspirants are mature souls who come on this plane with clarity to ascend their awareness. Such beings absorb the essence quickly and receive healing and experience expansion of their awareness during the sessions. I have transmitted kundalini experiences to thousands of aspirants through remote sessions on Skype.

Can you explain what the sensation is once the kundalini awakens?

It is hard to describe the sensations in words. All adjectives in any language will fail to describe the extent of divine ecstasy, expansion, tingling, vibrations, orgasmic delight, connectedness, bliss, celebration and purity of being connected to everything within and outside of us.

It is a heightened sensory exploration which truly commences our journey into the highest self. The whole universe within transforms and dissolves what we have assumed to be real. Every thrill outside of us looks distinctively insignificant. There is something magical happening within us.

With the awakening, our divine spark has come alive and no other experience compares with it.

I have had a few inquiries into the relationship between emotions and energy. Within Ayurveda there is little information given on how to remove such negative emotions except via a healthy lifestyle diet meditation, etc though I have seen emotional blockages being removed quite quickly within my shamanic practices as emotions are merely energy flowing or stagnating. Can the healing you do remove stagnant emotions that may be hindering the opening of the heart space, etc.?

Emotion is energy in motion. In most cases, we are more likely to associate with negative emotions because we react to it. Negative emotions will be etched in our bio-memory and stay as deep seated impressions which eventually are coming in the way of liberation from pain and suffering.

This often leads to plasticity in the brain and also energy blockages in the muscles, joints, nadis, nerves and so on. I have developed simple and yet powerful techniques which can dissolve blockages very quickly. I have influenced many scenarios where I have witnessed significant shifts happening.

Natural healing happens in many ways. It is a process of understanding, cleansing and purification which enables the heart to return its natural state of high vibrancy. One has to learn to connect to the innate nature within us. Unless we resolve the old habits, patterns, and latent impressions, we can’t claim that we have healed ourselves.

I have heard of many cases where people have activated their kundalini too quickly or abruptly and have found themselves caught in an open and sometime volatile state once this energy has arisen too quickly. How do you limit this from occurring in your practice?

Kundalini is the supreme creative intelligence and kinetic powerhouse within us. However strong may be our intent, there are no short cuts to rising or ascension. It follows a process of cleansing, purification of all pathways before the rising can truly happen.

Most aspirants confuse rising of prana as kundalini rising.

This true shakti rises after the clearing of all blockages and emotional resistances in the subtle body including all the locks and knots in meridians or nadis and chakras along the spine.

Sometimes, what may appear like a pain in the body is basically breaking of the resistances to flow. It is a blessing to be under the direct guidance of a kundalini guru who can help the aspirant at the point of needing to heal and rise quickly. One has to have clarity at every step of the process.

I teach aspirants many methods and techniques to cleanse and purify the physical and subtle body. This helps them to be prepared on many levels like physical, mental, emotional and most importantly fine tune their subtle body for rising quickly. Rarely, I encounter aspirants who are blessed enough from their past journey experiences and connections to cosmic masters, that their ascension happens quick and smooth without much effort.

Divine grace happens to all of us though we have to somewhat deserve it via self discipline, lifestyle rasayanas and moral conduct or virtuous ways in life (Sattvic-Nama Neyama)—to receive its true impact. When grace descends, the spirit within us ascends smoothly and without any delay.

Grace happens when efforts end and surrender happens naturally. Many people with inspired ideas have treated kundalini awakening like an endeavor to seek fancied sensory pleasure. In this excitement to attain a powerful state, they have tried to bypass the need to ground themselves through the essential expansion and vitalization of nadis (meridian pipes). This often leads to an unstable body, shaking violently and unresolved emotional disturbances.

This is a vast topic and I will not be able to delve into the depths of why aspirants go through many processes. I welcome ardent aspirants to plunge into a journey of kundalini awakening and rising. They are welcome to connect with me if they are truly keen to have a safe, smooth kundalini rising.

In Ayurveda, there is this concept of becoming ‘airy’ due to excess Vata. Would Nada yoga be good for someone with tendencies towards becoming un-grounded?

There is a process of attainment through Nada Yoga. It is called Japam-Tapam-Yogam (intense chanting rises the fire within and leads to a state of union within). Nada Yoga is one of the subtlest and highest paths to expansion and ascension of consciousness. It can help one penetrate to higher depths quickly.

There are many ways to ground and remain connected to the earth’s magnetic field. Different mantras are used to fine tune the yantra (fine tuned human body, which is a sacred geometry). So the grounding happens naturally.

Once a client has had a treatment, is there any chance of a sudden unexpected burst of shakti after the healing has taken place?

This is subjective to their state of journey and readiness and hence can’t be generalized.

I will give an example. Once I met a British gentleman in Oman at Zighy Bay, Six Senses Spa Resort. He had read about me and was intensely curious about awakening kundalini. He had no understanding of the process or techniques. I didn’t want to refuse him an opportunity.

I chanted sacred mantras, while he sat in front of me for an hour. He said he felt peaceful but did not have any experience. Interestingly enough though, about a month later I received a call from this man. He had googled me and found my mobile number. He was in Thailand and he said he felt immense currents rising through his spine. He had called to thank me for helping him get a kundalini experience. You can get a glimpse of what is possible by a single meeting for someone who is ready to surrender.

It may not be an instant experience, however the seeding process begins and the effect will be experienced eventually.

Do some people become open quicker than others?

There are too many reasons as to why some are attuned to awaken the power quicker than others. We have to understand that this is an eternal journey of awareness. Some souls have channelized their journeys to awaken and rise to know their true nature. In such cases, the souls continue from where they left from their previous journeys on this plane. They have worked on their awareness with more clarity and remembered to disassociate with the emotional drama and resistances. They can quickly come into deep alignment with the subtle body and breath and expand into higher awareness.

More importantly this process of awakening is driven by intent, actions and awareness. Being intense, passionate, devoted, dedicated and scientific in the approach will derive quicker results.

Why do you think this is? Is it due to energetic blockages of some sort or past life karma?

Yes, unresolved emotions like fear, hate, anger, guilt, shame, grief, and unfulfilled desires are stored as chemical toxins within us. These toxins are blockages and resistances to flow of prana along our meridian pipes known as Nadis. Also to prevent inadvertent rising of kundalini shakti, all of us are energetically locked and knotted.

There are three energy locks and three energy knots in the centralis canalis (Sushumna nadi). The uprising kundalini shakti has to break through these locks and knots to rise. It is advised to practice intense kriya yoga under the guidance of a teacher to unlock the subtle body.

This will ease the process of awakening and rising of kundalini shakti. It is scientific process and will produce quicker results in the awakening process.

Could you recommend or is there any practices one could do before seeing to assist the healing?

Kriya yoga breathwork, detoxifying the body, chanting sacred mantras, deep spinal breathing, raw food diet, unconditional love, surrender, acceptance, compassion, gratitude.

And strong affirmations will also enable the aspirant to prepare for receiving shaktipat transmissions and healing energies more easily.

Do you still remember the first time you did a treatment on someone?

The first ever healing treatment was not a planned session. It happened as an act of compassion.

I didn’t even know I had the capability to channel healing energies. I was 16 years old. We were on a trip to the mountains. One of my classmates sprained his foot. He was in deep agony. There was no medical assistance available. I had a crepe bandage with me in my bag. I tied it around his ankle and kept my hands on his foot for a few minutes.

The next morning he was completely fit. All my friends were surprised and wanted to know what I did to heal him. I could not explain anything. I recall spending the rest of the journey back home in deep contemplation and gratitude.

I see with some of your videos you use mantra, specifically Om Namaha Shivaya. Is this a vital component to your practice? Why do you use this specific mantra, as there are so many?

I operate on various depths of frequencies to deal with different scenarios. It’s an intuitive intelligence that helps me to choose a certain mantra. There are no specific mantras as such.

Om Namaha Shivaya is a powerful mantra. If one truly feels its essence and depth, it will lead to an atomic explosion within like a ‘bliss bomb.’ I have observed that this mantra works powerfully during the shaktipat process. Actually I transmit the shaktipat in deep silence. The mantra assists the aspirants to intensify the focus and influences the shakti to pull, merge and converge the prana into the sahasrara bindu (at the convergence point in the crown chakra).

In the last two years, I’ve been working with Ayahuasca. In these ceremonies which I partake in the amazon, I use vibrations in ceremony which are similar to mantras and this really helps remove any toxins from the subtle body through intent and vibration. Have you heard of Primordial sounds?

Glad to know that you are took part in the Ayahuasca Ceremony. There are specific tones that do heal which, when used in a heightened state or meditation, do have great benefits to healing the subtle body, however I don’t refer to these as ‘primordial’ as the pure innate primordial sounds cannot be physically produced by any humans.

It is called Anahata Nada (unstruck vibration) and our vocal chords can only produce sound (Vahikari Nada) when the wind strikes the chord. We can tap into Anahata Nada through our higher sense perception. This is experienced by a Clair-audient or sometimes the pure sound enters our space as a vibration.

However, by the moment we have perceived the pure sound, it is already filtered by our state of being.

For instance Om is a primordial sound that is so pure, it cannot be fully reproduced by our limited vocal capabilities. However when it is uttered, it is coloured by the limitations of our interpretations. Hence there are so many variations of the Om that we get to hear.

You are a very busy man—amongst other inspiring programs, you have just started development of the Kevala Foundation in India. Please tell us more about your Kevala celebration Center? Why would people be inspired to come there?

Kevala Celebration Center is located in a mystical sacred space. The Kevala center is in midst of coffee plantations, rain forests, lakes, rivers, sanctuaries, temples and 360 degrees of hills. We are in the valley of most spectacular misty hills that is a home to teh rarest herbs, flowers and temples of shiva and shakti.

We are gifted with great weather and accessibility through the year. When kevala opens its doors to a beautiful spiritual community, the true celebrations will begin. I welcome genuine aspirants who want to serve humanity to join hands and make a difference to this existence.

At the moment, there is construction happening and we will be ready by mid of 2014. All are welcome to get a glimpse of the center at here.

How are you contributing and directing this movement toward enriching humanity?

Kevala in Sanskrit means unique.

We have a huge responsibility to making a difference to the world we live in.

Hands that help are better than lips that pray.

We are growing cosmic forests which are unique as they draw cosmic energies from stars and planets and enrich lives of people here. We are offering Awakening and Ascension residential programs to aspirants which will help raise the consciousness of earthlings on this planet. Awakened beings influence many others with their presence and essence.

Thank you Pradeep I have two last questions on the relevancy of being awakened and its benefit to humanity as a whole, which i hope you may shine some light on. What is the best use of an awakened kundalini individual in the world today and what are the benefits to having your kundalini awakened to those around you?

This is the most relevant in today’s context. We have to be transparent and honest with the prevailing scenario in our current times on this planet. An awakened individual is no longer an individual. The being-ness within is alive to serve the earthlings and nature in creative ways. The creative intelligence expresses uniquely.

One may choose to express through silence, words, music, art, dance, painting, yoga, tantra, veda and so on. The important revelation is that the essence of an elevated soul makes its presence felt through a unique fragrance. The expanded sphere of influence and magnetism is distinctly evident.

An awakened being is a natural leader, an inspiring presence who can motivate aspirants to explore and experience the beauty of the innate nature within. We have to live by example.

The first sign is that one has to spread the awareness in a subtle way. The important knowingness is to spread the essence of celebration on this plane. The process toward it is revealed through the cycle of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ the knowledge. We are never complete or perfect on this plane. However we share our direct knowing to the best of our awareness with complete honesty and no claims.

It’s the simplicity, humility, and intense passion that penetrates through the people that one comes into contact with. With great power comes responsibility. Awakening is not just for self-glorification but a tremendous ability to channel or relay the cosmic transmissions that we receive.

An awakened being is a unique gift to humanity.

One can influence to bring about changes in our societies through inspired actions to guide people out of their rigid patterns and limitedness. The state of an awakened is in its presence, beauty, fragrance, freedom, awareness, celebration, frequency and magnetism, blissful and childlike state.

Do you feel that it is possible to focus this ‘energy’ back into the earth to help heal her? Do you think it could be possible to awaken certain areas of the planet if there is a mass intention/projection thus raising the vibration of the earth?

Yes it is possible to focus the energies into this planet to heal. Many thousands of ascended beings and 144,000 chosen light workers are involved in this project to bring about shifts in the consciousness. However it is a slow and gradual process. It is not really the number of people that matter, but the intensity of actions that truly can make an impact.

Millions of people on this planet want a sincere shift in the socio-economical environment and prevent the greed of selfish individuals from destroying our beautiful planet.

We have seen enough inaction.

Haven’t all of us signed hundreds of pleas and petitions to political leaders which have fallen on deaf ears? We have had enough of talking, brain storming and strategies. Arm chair tactics don’t carry any more firepower. Power games and corporate greed have raped our planet earth. We need action oriented schemes and not just meditations for peace. We have to trust in collective action.

It is possible to influence through actions. We have had enough of mute spectators on this planet watching our mother nature being stripped of her beauty.

I will quote a significant example of social movement in India. It’s called ‘the ugly indian’.

A bunch of bright, young Indian citizens decided to clean up the filthy streets of India every weekend, instead of signing petitions and begging with the municipality to bring about a long awaited change.

This I regard as focused energy to make a change. What is the point in closing our eyes to the real problem, while being in silence and claiming a strong intent? I reiterate, we need clarity, consistency and convergence of our actions to bring above change in our planet.

Thank you Pradeep it has been a pleasure, I truly look forward to any further correspondence we may have on this subject. Do you have any last words?

We are building a powerful spiritual community and life members at Kevala Foundation. It is an action-oriented team comprising skilled and gifted beings from across the world. They are keen to serve the planet in many ways.

We are growing cosmic forests to draw rare and powerful energies to heal mother earth. I look forward to hearing from aspirants that are keen to take the journey of ascension with me and also be a part of Kevala Foundation initiatives.

Meanwhile let us all join hands and serve this planet and its earthlings with awareness. Thank you, Dan. Namaste.


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