October 18, 2013

The Moon & the Ego.

We are still in the beginning effects, after effects and even the already-here effects of the full moon lunar eclipse.

This entire orbit between the sun, moon, planets and earth are going gangbusters into shaping and forming societal newness. Holding on to so many ill-forgotten behaviors and conditioning needs to be set free and allow the early stages of your ego to take shape.

The word “ego” holds different meanings for everyone. What you do, who you are, your behavior in this lifetime-that is your ego. We need to unplug and reset right now.

A few conscious and simple ways to allow your ego to coincide with the full moon and its effects can look something like this:

1. Relish in how far you have come in 2013, with respect to your conditioning.

Not only the conditioning related to fitness, but the noise in your head related to past behavior patterning. Your growth and moving forward depend on what you have accomplished in the last 10 months, for this year has been upwardly mobile in relationship and emotional wherewithal for everyone.

2. Your health and well-being are essential to your soul.

The ego is so wrapped up in what you do for a living. I’m not entirely sure that matters so much anymore. What you present to the world, how you can help others with your time and attention, and letting go of the ugly egotistical side of living—this is what the current full moon is demanding.

3. Quit paying attention to outside forces beyond your control.

Of course the government has been weighing on the minds of many. I, myself, have become almost numb to what politicians say and do anymore, as those we elected into Congress seem to care less about what the people want versus what their own egos need.

Sad as it is, we can choose to go our own way. Societal rules have a purpose, yet there is a maddening aspect of living within too many governmental rules. Take time to refresh yourself on what is important; not just in government and bitching about what’s happening, but in how you personally can contribute to the overall effect of change. It starts within and loosening up your ego.

4. Keep it simple.

Your diet. Your exercise. Your downtime. Your relationships, both personal and business. Your tolerance for the path you have chosen. Simplistic attitudes go much farther than complicated drama. As the ego readjusts to the unconventional mode of being, so too does your entire routine and relating with others. It is almost a wondrous event when you can say hey, I used to react a different way.

Use reasoning and healthy, simple responses in your communication. The ego loves this.

5. Money and your attachment to it.

This has been my personal Achilles heel for some time now. Financial fitness was somewhat foreign to me. I was not afraid to allow a professional to take a look at where I was with my money and offer solutions on how to overcome the fear of making money. My own ego depended on the resolution of what the meaning of money is, and how it is necessary for the freedoms we are afforded in this life. It is a touchy subject, for sure, but any unhealthy attachments to money and going way beyond what is considered “normal”, not so good for the ego.

Because I take such an interest in these full moons and what they conjure up with each passing phase, the main theme revolves around more than just beginnings and endings. It is time to alter our course of action, if we aren’t already doing so.

Simplicity starts at home. Rummage through your cupboards and fridge and throw out old food with past due labels. Refresh your herb supply and let the aromas resonate within your kitchen (a good thing to do for the holiday onset). Talk to your kids about kindness and generosity and being nice to their friends in school. Support your partner (lover or otherwise) in their latest venture, whether you agree or not. Go above and beyond with matters related to the heart. Allow the autumn nature signs to wallow in your system for longer than just a few minutes. Quit glorifying being too busy.

With the moon and your ego all tied up in ebbing and flowing with the Universe, you owe it to yourself to go get a massage, reflect on the power of your insides, lose the anxiety associated with caring what others think about who you are, and looking at yourself in the mirror with admiration and respect.

This is your healthy ego in check, knowing that the moon’s gravitational pull and meaning is partly responsible. That bright orb in the night sky has secret knowledge regarding the opportunities that lie on your path. It is your responsible and mature ego that will humbly recognize this with an open mind and breathing heart. Go moon!


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Ed: Sara Crolick

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Read 8 comments and reply

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