Top 5 Apps Every Yoga Teacher Should Use. ~ Adrien Edwards

Via Adrien Edwards
on Oct 26, 2013
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There are lots of cool apps out there that help keep you organized and informed.

But before you go sifting through the mess that is any app store, here are a few I recommend.


The App: Spotify (9.99 month)

Category: Playlists

Despite iTunes Radio and Pandora, Spotify is the only app that not only lets you create playlists, but also allows you to play them without being connected to the internet. For only 9.99 a month you have a virtually unlimited supply of music for meditation, funky flows, and chill yogi DJs.


The App: Shazaam (free)

Category: Playlists

Do you ever walk into a store and hear a song that makes you think “That would be great for my class!” but have no idea where to find it? Shazaam can fix that! Okay, so I admit I might sound like a late night infomercial right now, but it’s a very useful tool to make sure you capture that perfect sound when you hear it.


The App: Expensify (free)

Category: Accounting

One of the biggest struggles I have as “the” business guy for yogis and yoga studios is how few people keep proper track of their finances. Believe it or not, as freelance self-employed yoga teacher, you’re a miniature business and you need to operate like one. That includes keeping track of your expenses in detail, and while all this talk of money might not seem very yogic, the truth is, yogis have to pay bills too! Bonus: it also has an awesome web-based app that lets you log into your account and helps you get a head start on that little chore everyone hates—paying your taxes.


The App: Facebook (free)

Category: Social

This is an obvious one. Keep in touch with your students, market yourself and show off some poses. But it comes with a warning: Facebook can be a huge waste of time as much as it can be useful, so make sure you avoid getting stuck in the social media quicksand.


The App: ical/google calendar (free)

Category: Calendar

Everyone with a smartphone has these apps, but the real question is how often do you use them? Or more importantly how often does a sticky note or some paper somewhere replace an organized calendar that reminds of that “something I’m forgetting.” Use it and clear your mind of the clutter so you can focus on your practice without forgetting a class.


Two bonus apps:

The App: Square (free)

Category: Sales

If you sell classes in person as a studio or offer private classes, the Square is perfect because you can charge your customers on the spot using their credit cards. It goes straight to the bank making it easier for you to account for it and you don’t have to hide the dollars coming out of your pockets during hand stand.


The App: Event Assistant (iphone only) (6.99)

Category: Organization/Accounting

This is awesome if you set up a workshop, private group class, or any kind of event. Event Assistant allows you to add the list of things you need to get done before the event, but it also helps you track your expenses specific to that event.


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About Adrien Edwards

Adrien Edwards: I’m the business guy no one ever hears about behind the people you do hear about. I build brands around people’s passions (i.e.: yoga teachers, studios, artists etc).  Think of me as the “passion branding guy.” Visit his website or email him.


3 Responses to “Top 5 Apps Every Yoga Teacher Should Use. ~ Adrien Edwards”

  1. tomcat says:

    just wondered if you had anymore detail on the Square app… 2000 odd options come up when i search the word square on its own :p

  2. krissy says:

    Hi! search "square register" or "square card reader" and it should come right up. Note that altho the app is free the service is not. Our non-profit uses it and the charge for us is a very small percentage, really no big deal for the convenience. I believe there are other app/services that do the same thing.

  3. Marghe says:

    Have you come across of any apps that includes expenses and keeps tracks of money in like retreats and privates etc