October 3, 2013

True Feminine Power: Let it Flow, Let it Flow. ~ Dominica Applegate

She Keeps Me Warm; My Love of Feminine Power.

She lights her flame from within her bosom

Resplendent strength radiates

Her eyes soften any room

Her aura commands attention

She breeds authenticity and love

Feminine energy fuels her tender heart



She keeps me warm

I’ve run into a few women that fit this graceful description. When I do, I find myself wondering how such a woman got to this peaceful and beautiful state. What sets her apart from the majority? It is my best guess that she’s come to understand and walk in the power and the magnificence of the feminine. I don’t mean she acts feminine (anyone can act feminine). What I mean is that she’s grounded with deep positive feminine powers that permeate her whole being.

She’s balanced. Confident. Authentic.

She does not go seeking attention from others. No, she is not demanding or boisterous. She could actually care very little about what others think of her; she is simply being herself. She understands that her power and affirmation comes from within and is not dependent on external factors (You don’t like me? Hmmm. I didn’t even notice!)

How did she came to such a state? Bet and believe it wasn’t easy. She did her time in her self-imposed emotional prison worried about many things. She struggled with low self-esteem, broken dreams, broken heart and failures. She cried. She wanted to give up. She ran more than one time. And in and through it all she lessened her grip on the outside world and began a journey within. Like the phoenix bird, she found herself in a heap of ashes, but she didn’t stay there. She began her ascent little by little as she faced layer after layer of “junk” inside herself.

When I say “junk” I mean all sorts of things. Low self-worth, depression, anger, no confidence, anxiety, failed relationships, toxic relationships, less than optimal childhoods, verbal and sexual abuse, hate, judgment, religion, victimization and so much more.

Our society tends to throw a lot of expectations on women to look this way and be that way. Raise perfect kids. Make a lot of money. Have an immaculate home. Take care of everyone’s needs, including your own. Look better. Have sex even when you don’t want to. Wear the latest fashions.

Give. Give some more. Be a superhero. Sacrifice.

What happens? She compromises her true identity trying to accomplish the never-ending list on status quo agenda. She is afraid to buck the system or at the very least she tries and fails. Oftentimes she ends up taking anti-you-name-it-pills to get through. She numbs the pain and wears her fake smile, all the while dying inside—and sometimes wouldn’t mind if she did.

The bridge to her spiritual reservoir crumbles. She loses touch with her feminine power.

However, in ancient times women were viewed upon as divine temples totally in tune with spirit. In fact, there are many Roman, Greek and Egyptian goddesses known for their extraordinary beauty, lure and charm.

They were viewed as mystical and powerful healers and sustainers of their communities. They were nurturing, loving, wise, and powerful; the men in their societies respected them as they were not caught up in patriarchal mindsets back then. Now in our modern age, many societies disregard woman as having any power and the feminine power that once helped the universe balance out has dwindled.

Things are transforming though and many women around the world are awakening to their potential and purpose. Like the ancient female deities, we can awaken and walk in the kind of power where transformation occurs. Power is not repression and control. Power is not greed, manipulation, hate and fear.

Power is flexible, wise, confident, giving, fearless and solution-oriented. One of my favorite Goddesses is Isis of Egypt, who basically taught people to seek divine light and power from within and not out there in the world through materialism, work or people.

The journey is within, ladies.

Let’s just stop for just a minute and think about that!

Make a decision. The need to pry open the cell bars has really resonated with me lately. We must make a decision to bust out of prison once and for all. We must accept our freedom and begin walking in it.

How? Get a grip and own our feminine power. We can begin to do this by accepting a journey inward.

Take our eyes off of others for a season of life and simply focus on our path, our growth and our junk that we must dig through to get to our authentic core. Listen, at our core there is magnificent power, light and love flowing just waiting for us to open the door, so it can flow like a raging river to a dry and parched world that desperately needs it.

What is feminine power?

It is not acting like a lady. There are plenty of women who act like ladies, but are totally lost inside, fearful and powerless.

Feminine power is a positive energy that resides at your core.

Feminine power is me and you confidently being authentically and unashamedly us. Feminine power is me stepping out of bed each day not thinking about the things I don’t like about my body or my personality. It is not me putting a mask on and smiling—assuring everyone that all is just darn perfect in my life—because it is not!

No. Feminine power is all of us going through each day knowing that in and of ourselves, with all our idiosyncrasies, struggles, pain, scars, etc., we are O.K. Life is alright because underneath layers of “junk” and aside from ego, we are shiny pearls of gorgeousness. Glowing. Beaming. We are undoubtedly beauteous creations worthy of abundant love and vibrant love radiates from our core.

Feminine power rocks and it is rocking the vibrational energies in a fantastic way around the world.

She keeps me warm; the feminine power, that is.

Let’s rise up and own ours.

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Assist Ed: Gabriela Magana/Editor: Sara Crolick

{Photo source: Kristen Colei via Theresa L via Pinterest}

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