We Are One. {Poem} ~ Salvatore Vionito

Via Salvatore Vionito
on Oct 24, 2013
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We are one.

We speak to each other

as if there is a distance

between you and me.

A longing so deep

it would stop the flow of Love

from consuming

our thoughts and cradling us

in its silent warmth.

Is it not by the sum of all

of our parts that we become

so much more?

The clouds fade and renew

In the vastness of the sky.

The waves form and dissolve

in the depths of its maternal ocean.

Even the Earth is held In the womb

of the Universe’s ebony embrace.

Living in the mind

often blinds us from the Oneness

That exists between all things.

But deep in the heart

there is no forgetting

or remembering,

distance or closeness.

There is no More or Less.

You are my breath,

The rhythmic beat of my chest,

my eyes when they are open

to all things.

I am,


You are.

We are One.


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Ed: Cat Beekmans

{Photo: Pixoto.}


About Salvatore Vionito

Salvatore Vionito: If I am ‘me’ and you also refer to yourself as ‘me,’ is it possible that we are both really the same ‘me’ just having two totally different experiences? So what if we were all tiny atoms in the body of the universe. Just as I am not a hand or a foot but I have a hand and a foot yet both body parts experience two different expressions of living. When we get cut doesn’t energy from all other parts of our body rush to its aid? When catastrophe happens doesn’t the world rise up to help those in need? We are all one. No, really—we are. Hi, my name is Salvatore Vionito, and the poem you have read is an excerpt from my new book, The Heart That Never Breaks, available in multiple eBook formats available here. If you liked what you have seen here, please feel free to visit my blog as well. Wishing you all the best!


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