Blue-Green Compass. ~ Laura Kutney {Poem}

Via Laura Kutney
on Nov 10, 2013
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photo: | moonjazz

I sail towards enduring gestures of the sea

Unwavering ebb and flow

Celebrating each brilliant silver moon phase of

Eternal and irrefutable episode of tide

Keeping time of moments and eras alike


Within the sea, detectable and unrevealed elements

Of imminent shoreline and enduring deep waters


Infinite polished granules make the sandy terra firma

Shaped by eons of abounding wave surges

Made over, and over, and over, and over, and yet once more over again

Each wave unique

Never repeated


Beautiful colors and light dancing on the water’s surface

Appearing serene upon the horizon, yet a raucous line where sea and shore meet

Beneath the calm distance and dynamic swells

Dwell secrets kept from those above


Now moving past the edge of the water and wading in waist deep

Beyond threshold of sand, luminous azure blue swells and frothy foam

Into the gritty, underwater terrain of nomadic sand crabs

I burrow my feet and curl my toes into their shifting homes

Strengthening and bracing myself in my mysterious aquatic bath


Unbending, I wait

One, two waves

I hold steadfast

A third wave reaches out and then withdraws

White spray, grainy sand and salty water mixing into my nose, eyes and mouth

The salty tears of the sea are realized


I recognize myself as a grain of sand

Dependant upon receiving equal tumble and polish of my body, mind and spirit


Each of life’s moments

Weathers my soul

Into the person I am becoming


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Assistant Editor: Laura Ashworth/Editor: Bryonie Wise





About Laura Kutney

Laura Kutney was born, raised and still lives in California. Although she studied chemical engineering in college, Laura’s love affair with philosophy and writing started before she can remember. If one could peek inside of her heart, they would find a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings swirling around a collection of words, books, art, music, photos, and most importantly, her closest friends and family and treasured places. Laura often looses herself in thought. This, combined with the fact that life is ever-changing, leaves her with plenty to write about. She can be found here at elephant journal, on her blog (Mosaic Commons) and on Facebook. And also on View Laura Kutney's LinkedIn profile View Laura Kutney's profile


4 Responses to “Blue-Green Compass. ~ Laura Kutney {Poem}”

  1. Deanna says:

    Beautiful poem.

    I live the Lynne “I recognize myself as a grain of sand. ”

    Thank you for sharing this, and congrats on getting it published.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for the kind compliment! This is my first publication and very exciting.

  3. ManifestYogaJen says:


  4. @laurakutney says:

    Thank you for taking time to give your vote of confidence and the compliment!