November 8, 2013

Love is My Religion: A Happy (Not Sappy) Heart Chakra Playlist.

Life is beautiful and brimming over with bliss and love. (Sometimes.)

Other times, we may just want to shut down and escape from the happy, sappy, “spiritual” messages streaming through our endless news feeds. Gratitude, schmatitude.

Yes, we are perfect just as we are, and everything we have is already within us. Still, stress, sickness and difficult emotions often arise. The basic teaching of mindfulness is to be open to our experience. Don’t run away and hide. Don’t eat, smoke and drink to avoid it. Feel it, fully.

All emotions—even the shitty feeling ones—are part of life. Without the bad, the good wouldn’t be half as sweet.

Whether we’re down in the dumps or feeling pretty swell, music has a magical way of lifting our spirits. Hopefully these lovely tunes will help the gorgeous flower bloom at your heart center.

1. Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

An opening mantra for centering and stillness.

2. Love Is My Religion by Ziggy Marley

Warm up the body to this soulful tune.

3. On The Radio by Regina Spektor

Put some pep in those sun salutations!

4. Love Me Do by The Beatles


5. Satellite of Love by Lou Reed

6. Only For You by Heartless Bastards


7. Love’s In Need Of Love Today by Stevie Wonder

Slow it down; maybe throw in a yin pose or two.

8. Just Above Love by The Flaming Lips

9. Love Song by The Cure

10. Loves Me Like A Rock by Paul Simon


11. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Okay, this one’s a little sappy. Let’s fall in love with our lower backs… and ourselves.

12. Gracias A La Vida by Mercedes Sosa

Cool down and do some happy baby and/or reclining twists before savasana.

13. Love by John Lennon

Bam—Savasana time!

14. Skinny Love by Bon Iver

This song will kill you. It’s okay to cry.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

{Photo: Creative Commons.}

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Read 6 comments and reply

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