Our Hearts Will Smile After Watching these Women Somewhere in Rural Uganda.

Via Krista Katrovas
on Nov 9, 2013
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It’s often said that money can’t buy happiness.

After seeing this glorious video filmed “somewhere in rural Uganda,” my heart opened wide knowing happiness is found everywhere and that “it’s not about the money.”

As Gandhi said, “There’s enough for our needs, just not enough for our greed.”

These Ugandan women teach us through their joy that it’s true—it’s not about how deep our pockets are, but how deep our hearts can love and hold the capacity for contentment and love, love, always, love for life.


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Ed: Cat Beekmans


About Krista Katrovas

Krista Katrovas has had over 27 articles published in nationally recognized magazines. She teaches Yoga in Prague, Czech Republic every July and calls Kalamazoo, Michigan Home, Sweet, Om, where she teaches and practices Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism, and pursues writing. She can be reached at her website.


3 Responses to “Our Hearts Will Smile After Watching these Women Somewhere in Rural Uganda.”

  1. Linda V. Lewis says:

    What a swirl of color and delight! This should renew the call for fair trade and for supporting rural peoples through loans for their small self-sufficient start-up industries.

  2. Laura says:

    Such amazing women. This video makes me want to go visit them! Thanks for bringing awareness to them and making me smile.

  3. Krista says:

    Blessing they send to each of us. I have played this in my room and danced along with them. I recommend keeping it for those slump days and watch and be renewed. It's truly magical and medicine we all need. Blessings. Thanks for posting. And watching them share their hearts with ours.