November 22, 2013

To My Lover.

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This is my armor, that I will lay gently beside us as we wrap ourselves in egyptian cotton and keep each other warm.

This is my heart that wonders if it can be brave enough to come out and play with you. I have put it back together with duct tape and honey. It seems to be beating regularly. I promise to check it on a consistent basis.

These are my lips that miss your touch; your hands that graze against my cheek, like the first time an artist’s brush kisses the canvas.

This is my smile….the one that has been hidden away in the bottom drawer of my antique dresser. I’m not sure how you found it under all my crumpled t-shirts.

This is my ego that I am surrendering to, just for tonight…just long enough to type these words. I am tempted to surrender tomorrow as well.

These are the stars that I lay beneath in the cold for no other reason than I know that you are under them too.

Thank you for your arms that wrap around me your affections when indentations shadowed in type are not enough. Shamefully, I crave that more often than I will tell you. I fear that your touch will remain part of my dreams..my tainted rem sleep.

Thank you for kissing me in places that do not know shadows or light…the places where band-aids won’t stick. Thank you for seeing my body as beautiful and something to be cherished. Thank you for allowing me to know yours.

Thank you for your humor that envelops me…your moves…your beautifully maniacal crazy moves.

You are as bold as I am brazen.

Thank you for your words that show me that there is still good out there, and for the ones that make me blush even when it makes my cheeks hurt. Thank you for making the silence comfortable.

Thank you for your patience and for your kindness that forbears my unease.

Although I have no void that needs to be filled with lawfully adoring stares, I am grateful for you.


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Andrea Apr 4, 2016 6:10am

Absolutely beautiful. Blessed who can feel this way with someone, it’s still possible.

Melina Mar 29, 2016 12:38pm


Swatika Jotwani Jan 10, 2016 11:09pm

Oh my!! What a post… Thankyou so much for this beautiful post
My favourite…” Thankyou for kissing me in places…. “

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