Apple, with the Perfect Commercial for our Era of Busyness.

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on Dec 19, 2013
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It’s a Wonderful Life. Let’s live it directly.

“Basically it’s okay if you’re totally not present with your friends and family as long as you make a cool movie at the end.”

1. I first saw this on a site that said this commercial was the best thing ever, an instant classic, a keeper, an emotion-worker. ” 

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.13.43 PM

 Whether or not you can’t imagine life without your iPhone or are an Android die hard, the latest ad from Apple is sure to make you feel some emotion. This is the kind of perfect storytelling and branding the company is known for, and this commercial is sure to land on many “all-time” lists.”

2. I saw it via a dear friend who said, “I hate this. Basically Apple’s saying it’s okay to not be fully present with your friends and family as long as you’re there for the happy ending.”

Decide for yourself.

In a day and age when we check our smartphones 115 times a day, when we video concerts instead of living them, when we walk and text instead of giving our entertainment-drugged minds a chance to enjoy the houses and trees and sky and clouds we’re walking past, and so to relax and open and actually have true, genuine, fresh ideas…Apple is, in its post-Jobs era, giving up on dreams and being different and going for the tried and true: how product, lots of product, extract emotion, and sell product, lots of product.

Despite everything, I’m still an ardent Apple fan, man. And I want Apple to sell itself the way it used to: as a means to being of benefit—and not merely as a means to avoid the present moment. This commercial seeks to do both, admittedly—but, to me at least, an only child with a longing for family—well hell I’d rather have walked into that family home and enjoyed everything fully. For memories are free, and they glow warmly.


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5 Responses to “Apple, with the Perfect Commercial for our Era of Busyness.”

  1. KayBee says:

    Interesting take. For me, it was a beautiful reminder that although my teenager is seemingly beyond my reach sometimes, a bit introverted as testosterone floods his system and he ponders his rapidly changing mind and body, how he fits into this world, and what it is to be a man — he is watching, and learning, and loving. He is present in his own way, not by my definition. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are.

  2. Mel says:

    In an age where most teenagers don't even talk to their parents; I found this commercial refreshing. It was an up-to-date love letter from this child to his family. When I was young we did the same thing with colored paper, crayons and glue. It's a sign of the times and I liked it very much.

  3. Catherine says:

    I think viewer #2 did not, perhaps, understand what was happening in the commercial. It was clear to me that the teenager was filming this wonderful family experience and that he then showed it to them. He was there the entire time, certainly experiencing much of this occasion through the lens of his iPhone, but experiencing it none the less. In order to film it, he had to be focused on it! And finally, giving his family a lovely and unique gift–allowing them to experience it all over again! In a minute and a half, the viewer of the commercial is not going to see the number of times the teenager was NOT behind his camera.

  4. Nichole says:

    He was completely present and he captured it with love.

  5. Vic says:

    I have taught high school in 3 countries and have yet to experience a teenager who is even partially present when he's on any sort of electronic device. It's an ad…not reality. It's done what it needed to do: glossed over dis-ease with life and created a fantasy so you think that if you buy their product your kid is somehow going to be able to show love in that way.