January 31, 2014

7 Ways to Love a Nature Guy. (Advice from a Nature Girl.)

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~ John Muir

Let’s get down and dirty about the ways to love a nature guy!

1. Let them get lost.

Know that a nature guy needs to get lost just as much as we do.

Pack some double chocolate chip cowboy cookies in a handkerchief, hand them a worn map and let them know that you’ll be here when they get back.

Don’t worry about nature guys because that’s the way we learn to deepen our connections with them—space is a necessary thing.

2. Hand over the matches.

Sure, nature guys love their solo journeys, but they also love backpacking or camping trips with their partner. There’s nothing quite as romantic as cuddling next to a campfire under the starry skies.

I love starting campfires—being the wild nature girl that I am.

I am known to light the fires, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better for the nature guy to take over.

Let them show you how easily they can get the spark going, so that way you’ll know how well he lights the flames later on.

So, go ahead and hand over those waterproof matches.

3. Play with their beards.

Beards build intimacy—like that moment while hiking through the woods, you notice a redwood twig is stuck in their beard, so you gently pluck it out before giving them a kiss.

Beards have become popular these days (although Nature Guys have been wearing them long before the MLB players). Bearded men are sexy, but just don’t grow your beards out so they look like the dudes from ZZ Top.

I’ve always preferred more of that five o’clock shadow on a guy’s face, but there is something sweet about a bearded guy. It’s almost as if a beard admits the nature guys have a soft side that they are willing to share.

Sure, you can’t see their handsome faces, but I like the softness that comes with a beard, especially at night in the sleeping bag.

4. Listen to their profound awareness about all things nature.

There’s something so sexy about a man who is intelligent—especially about rivers, rocks and plants. Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy listening to a guy’s perspective about the way our world is filled with interconnections.

Here’s the most important part: lean in and listen, really hear their stories because you might find more than just facts.

5. Admire their gadgets.

No, I’m not talking about that one (although that’s highly recommended, too).

I meant those handy, dandy gadgets that nature guys will carry around.

You know, the simple ones like a compass or their Swiss Army knife. Maybe they’ll have one of those solar-powered flashlights that comes complete with an aluminum carabiner, bottle opener, weather band radio and (most importantly) a USB cell phone charger.

6. Playful Competition.

There’s something so sexy about a guy who can push the limits as far and as hard as I can on an adventure. Engage them in climbing higher or biking further, as it may just show their endurance in other places.

7. Crack open a cold one and play the drums. Or guitar. Or harmonica.

Sure, we, Nature Girls, can groove with music—even if it is a bit out of tune. We’ll help you stay in rhythm while we share that porter with you. After all, nature guys usually know how to play.

Bonus: #8.

The ultimate way to love a nature guy is under the pines—even if it’s just one single soft kiss on their cheek. Just remember that we are always on top in those situations.

7 Ways to Love a Nature Girl is the flip side to this story. Check it out!

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo Credit: Vincenzo Bernardi/Pixoto

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