January 31, 2014

Drop by Drop: Transformation is Each Moment. ~ Renée Claude

“A jug fills drop by drop.”

~ Zen proverb

This being human is not definite, it is a spectrum. We are constantly fluid and moving—we are not all or nothing.

In this fluidity arises every moment— in each we make a purchase with our attention, our awareness.

We have a plethora of choices and options to make, and with each bit of attention given, we vote for that which we gave it to; we feed a part of ourselves.

We are sliding on a grand spectrum and with each bite, we slide ourselves. Each choice that we make in alignment with how we want to be living—we move towards it.

This transformation is found in accumulating and choosing—in this moment—to vote for that which we want to be.

Only in the present moment can we transform, and while it’s not always easy to vote for our best interests, it is simple. 

In this moment, we can choose to be healthy.

In this moment we can choose to center ourselves.

In this moment we can choose to be positive—to align with possibilities.

In this moment we can do what we’ve been avoiding.

Each moment we make a choice, and the team we vote for most begins to show up as who we are. But we are not defined by this, we can shift at anytime.

It was an accumulation of individual moments and choices that has led us to who we show up as today, and it is individual choices and moments that will transform us again.

Naturally this can appear to us as daunting, but in remembering that we are not all or nothing, I find comfort.

Each moment in which we choose to align with who we want to be, we move our sliding self: giving inertia to the pieces of ourselves we wish to embody more of, feeding the way in wish we want to live our lives.

Be patient, be kind, be gentle, be compassionate—it is only this moment you can transform, it has only ever been.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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