January 20, 2014

Watch this Woman Undergo a “Beautiful” Transformation. {Video}

Every culture has a different idea of what beautiful is.

Yet, there’s a common thread that ties many of these diverse definitions of beauty together, and that is: we will never live up to our society’s standards of beauty unless we use photoshop, botox, and go under the knife. And, in my humble opinion, we shouldn’t play this “beauty” game.

We should just be our beautiful self, perfectly imperfect and proud of it.

Yet, to “make it” in the music and film industry many performers are forced to ascribe to their society’s impossible standards of beauty. One example (among many): just this week, the American singer Kesha was admitted to a rehabilitation center to seek treatment for bulimia. Her mother issued a statement claiming that it was society’s penchant for body shaming that caused her eating disorder, almost killing her.

However, it’s not just American singers, and performers who are being told they’re look isn’t good enough. It’s a disease that runs rampant throughout all societies, a virus that especially targets women.

In the below music video, I might not be able to understand the Hungarian lyrics, but I can understand the overall message that the singer Boggie is trying to convey by showing us just how “tökéletesség” (the Hungarian word for perfect) she really is.

And I must say, I really, really love her for that.

What an amazing voice.


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