You know that video of the cute Golden Retriever guarding his owner’s bicycle? F*ck that guy, here’s why.

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on Jan 31, 2014
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Millions have been casually inspired by this cuteness: “Golden Retriever guards owner’s bicycle.”

It’s gone viral everywhere.

But as we’ve learned (through Reddit, god bless),

Suddenly less cute: 

Dog abuse is never justified, but it’s frequent. Have you ever hit a dog you love? Here’s how to never do so again. Read this:

Sorry about all the poop: The 10 Commandments of your Dog.



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12 Responses to “You know that video of the cute Golden Retriever guarding his owner’s bicycle? F*ck that guy, here’s why.”

  1. laurakutney says:

    This makes me sick. That man is sick and I hope these images will somehow be seen by someone who takes that sweet pup away from that cold-hearted [email protected] Laura

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Amen! But, having just seen a neighbor hollering in a scary way at his dog, I like to keep in mind that angry people are human, and just need to get rid of ignorance and wake up. The above Sorry About the Poop blog was powerful in doing that to my mind.

  3. laurakutney says:

    Well, I agree to some extent, but until some people can learn, they should not be allowed the privilege of keeping the dog, child, girlfriend, husband, etc . . . I'm all for reforming ones bad ways and am far from perfect, but I have never hit a child or animal or anyone.

    I also get that some people were abused themselves and that this is often used as an excuse for their own physically violent behavior, yet excuses for this stuff are just that. I was abused but never abused others. Until the abusers 'wake up', they should be treated as a threat to whomever they are abusive to and the subject of their abuse should be removed from their lives.

    And emotional, neglectful, and verbal abuse can be just as bad.

    I am guilty of losing my cool at times and having negative emotions, but I don't go around swearing or yelling at people. And I promise that I do not feel perfect by any means and don't want to sound preachy or holier than thou here. Sorry if it comes off that way. Just my feelings about this in this moment when I see that photo. (This is why I don't watch the news much—it affects me badly)

  4. Mrs Golden says:

    That is awful, poor dog. What in the heck is wrong with people?

  5. Christine says:

    There's a different basket on the bike and his white sun hat turned into a black baseball hat? I hate animal abuse just as much as the next guy… is the source of the photos credible?

  6. sandy says:

    Why would anyone hit a dog? That's just crazy.

  7. Jessica says:

    It bothers me that EJ posted the initial video in this article. This will only increase the view count for the video, thus supporting it. I think the picture sufficed.

  8. Kate says:

    Different day? Different clothes? Different location? Does it matter?

  9. Mustafina says:

    I wondered the same thing.

  10. timothy gill says:

    The golden retriever is the blessed creature .He is just trying to help. if i saw that guy who struck the dog i would push him on the ground.the dog is truly innocent.

  11. How sad, all goldens want to do is please.

  12. yomi says:

    Its a sad sight to behold but what i consider instructive is the four pictures on the right side, the ones with the red strip in between and particularly the top right and the bottom two. What i see is a lovely, family oriented and non aggressive dog obedient to his apparently harsh owner (at least going by what the pictures seem to suggest). For me response from the golden retriever as he lay low in obedience to his master is a message in humility and meekness. I wonder if a rottweiler or some other dog breeds will response that way.